Why study the second baccalaureate in the United States?

Baccalaureate studies are still of crucial importance during the training and academic phase. Your grades are what open or close the doors to certain university courses and certain universities. Hence the importance Choose carefully where you will reach this educational stage. in this meaning, Study the second year of your baccalaureate in the United States with Team Up It means getting the best grades, in addition to developing critical thinking, creativity and leadership.

In the United States, secondary education is divided into middle School And High schoolThe second is equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate. But, unlike most European countries, the American school calendar varies greatly from state to state, depending on different school districts. Thus, most southern states begin the school year at the end of July, while in northern states it usually begins at the beginning of September.

What sets the United States apart from the rest

In addition to their school calendar depending on each state, each center’s educational materials and programs also depend on each school district. A country that is so vast and has so much cultural diversity presents a wonderful opportunity International environment Which you will not find anywhere else in the world. This represents personal growth on top of the fact of learning English and having an unforgettable experience. Studying high school in the United States is full of advantages.

Advantages of the academic year in the United States of America

First of all, we must highlight the learning methodology. American centers rely on secondary education, especially the baccalaureate or High schoolIn projects, and not in the traditional memory activity common in European centres. this Pedagogical approach It promotes the development of critical thinking, writing and speaking ability as well as socialization. This in turn leads to an increase in average grades at the end of secondary school.

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Without a doubt, the Improve the score in the cut off score It is one of the main advantages of studying high school in the United States. With a high cut-off score, you will have access to more university jobs and more universities. In fact, you can also consider pursuing your higher studies in the North American country, taking advantage of the fact that you have already learned to express yourself in English fluently and naturally.

Another great feature is access High quality education, in addition to a complete guide to planning your studies. American educational centers are ideally organized to achieve educational excellence. To this end, they do not skimp on methods and programs to help students achieve their goals. In addition, most centers enjoy prestige and authority globally.

This, undoubtedly, in addition to opening the way for you to pursue higher education, also opens up the possibilities of your future employability. A CV is essential when searching for a job. In this aspect, not everything is experience. Training also weighs heavily when choosing between different candidates for a position. A person who has studied in the United States certainly has more weight compared to someone who has not.

As if all this was not enough, in this North American country there are different options for this Sports and academic scholarshipss. Therefore, sports lovers will be able to combine their studies and exercise in a flexible and comfortable way. Being able to dedicate yourself to your passion while preparing yourself academically for your future. You will not find a possibility like Spain, because the inclusion of sports in education is the essence of the United States.

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What does the education system look like in North America?

The educational system in North America, whether in the United States of America or Canada, is very similar. Enhancing creativity, analytical ability and problem solvingCompared to traditional European learning to memorize content. Moreover, in terms of evaluation criteria, the most obvious thing is that in addition to submitting homework and assignments on time, personal effort and participatory attitude are taken into account in the class.

On the other hand, the faculty members are very close, provide maximum support and show the most concern for their students. If they see commitment and effort, they dedicate themselves to helping and supporting their students to achieve the best results. This, combined with the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy, fosters a highly participatory environment, making the classes very interesting and enjoyable.

Once again, we must talk about the important role that sports play in American secondary education. Every quarter you will have the opportunity to practice a different sport, as it changes every three months. You will find two levels: Junior Varsity (non-competitive) and Varsity (competitive level). So you can choose to participate for fun or commit and really compete. And that’s without talking about the wide range of extracurricular activities you’ll find.

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