The Costa Rica Canada Foundation Solidarity Fund has invested 120 million yen to support the homes of 85 families

The Solidarity Fund is fueled by donations from businessmen who wish to focus their social responsibility projects on the housing sector.

The Costa Rica Canada Foundation Solidarity Fund has invested more than 120 million colones to help 85 families at social risk to obtain a home of their own. With these resources, these people were able to complete operations such as buying a lot and building a house, or they were able to cover legal, technical, or official expenses.

Cathyana Aguilar, Assistant Director of the Foundation, commented that the fund was established in 2012, through a donation from a patriotic businessman who has continued to make financial contributions over time.

“It is a mechanism through which private donors can contribute resources, either on a one-time occasion or systematically. We offer donors peace of mind, the assurance that a serious, responsible foundation with a recognized track record is managing these resources to advance social benefits,” explained Aguilar.

These resources work to help people who do not have access to the benefits of the National Housing Financial System, because they do not meet the minimum conditions and/or requirements to look forward to government subsidies.

“The fund allows families or people who, in principle, would not be able to access the national housing financial system, to break down the barriers that prevent them from accessing these resources. The fund provides them with direct support to meet their housing solution,” explained the deputy director of the foundation.

The donors of these resources can be anonymous or acknowledged collaborators, as stated in a contract with the foundation to administer the funds. In this case, the institution provides the guarantor of resources with audited and accounting reports that guarantee the seriousness with which it operates.

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Donations are income tax deductible and constitute local corporate social responsibility initiatives.

United to Paths to Christmas

This year, the Costa Rica Canada Foundation, together with the Solidarity Fund, joined the Repretel Roads to Christmas 2022 project, contributing more than 38 million colones to the realization of 4 housing projects, providing support throughout the process for cases. In two of them, the cost of buying a plot of land and building a house was covered, and in the other two, other expenses and formalities.

“Camino a la Navidad is a project of Repretel News and the Costa Rica-Canada Foundation, supported by the Real Estate Housing Bank (BANHVI) that helps families who represent values ​​such as: solidarity, love, work, effort, and family support,” noted Assistant Director Cathyana Aguilar.

On this occasion, several families were investigated and four families with special circumstances were selected to solve their housing needs. Families live in Orotina, Aguas Zarcas, Santa Cruz, and Guatuso.

In the case of a family from the Vuelta de Kooper de Aguas Zarcas community, in San Carlos, assistance was provided to a mother and her three children who are living in complex conditions of hardship and illness. In Orutina, a family lives day by day dedicated to their son with cerebral palsy amid many needs.

“Thanks to the Solidarity Fund of the Costa Rica-Canada Foundation, the land has been purchased for these two families, in the first case, and a house will be built for both of them so that they have a safe home, allowing them to improve their quality of life “explained Aguilar.

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And in the case of families from Santa Cruz and Guatuso, support has been provided so that they can also have housing.

If an entrepreneur or company wishes to join this solidarity fund permanently or occasionally, either anonymously or with recognition, to help families pave the way for decent housing, they can write directly to the e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it. Or call the San Jose central offices at 8400-2207 or 6922-2280.

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