What is Alfajor made of who won the 2023 World Cup and who was the winner of the most flattering event

he Alfagor World Cup 2023 Held over the long weekend of August, in the second edition of this competition, A.J Triple version which is not yet sold in kiosks, but – due to its influence – is expected to be gradually marketed in other parts of the country, outside the country. bell: your hometown.

The 2023 World Cup winner Alfajore is by Quiero and is made with dulce de leche with peanut ganache and semisweet chocolate. It’s about a Triple Alfagor Who were featured in the jury consisting of chefs, pastry chefs, food engineers, specialists in sensory analysis, influencers From Alfajor and journalists. All the committee members, who evaluated the different products, did so using blind tasting technique to ensure the transparency of the competition which ran from 19th to 21st August.

At the ceremony held in ruralMore than 70 exhibitors participated in it Various categories were awarded such as black and white alfajor with dulce de leche, fruits and cornstarch. In addition, the biscuit consistency, texture, aroma and glaze of each product, in its simple and ternary versions, were analyzed in detail.

On the other hand, it was assessed whether an alfajor was made by an SME, an industrial one, or if it was a premium product. Similarly, it was considered Packagingsweets offered to the public, and if Traditional or exotic alfajor.

There was also a rewards category healthy alfagor, and others featuring Black and White and Dulce de Leche Alfajor.

he Triple Alfagor Brand You wantof dulce de leche, peanut ganache and semisweet chocolate, it turns out Competition winner which brings together different variants of one of the best selling products in the country. The alfajor dedicated this year comes from the Campana Party, Buenos Aires Province, and was created by the couple who make up Yanina Acosta And Maximilian Santos.

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“We are speechless, speechless, we won Best Alfagor Award and the best trio category as well; It’s the prize for passion, we started hard in 2021 and kept changing recipes until the last minute.” Creators of Alfagor Winner to Telam Agency.

They added: “It’s an achievement for both of us, both of us business men Constants. This alfagor is not found in the kiosks, and it has not been marketed until today. In Campana we had almost no sales, except for a few acquaintances. In order to compete, we had to send samples a week in advance. We’ll see what happens from now on“.

Various versions have competed in the World Championships for Alfagor

During the ceremony, awards were distributed to Most notably Alfagor In three gold, silver and bronze categories for the different categories into which the competition was divided. The following is the list of winners:

Alfagor trilogy

Alfagor is simple


Alfagor cornstarch

Healthy Alfagor

Alfagor Black

Alfagor White

Alfajor dulce de leche

Alfagor fruit


traditional alfajor

Alien Alfagor





The author Alfajores

Alfagor is made by a small and medium-sized company

Industrial Alfagor

Best Attitude Award


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