Who is Erin Carter?: Release date, cast, synopsis and everything about the new Netflix series


One of the premieres this week on Netflix will be Who is Erin Carter? Here we will break down everything you need before you see it.

© Sam Taylor/NetflixAll about the series Who is Irene Carter?

broadcast service Netflix He prepares for a new week, as they begin to slowly say goodbye to the eighth month of the year. It will be one of the products that will arrive Who is Erin Carter?American crime and adventure series that promises to attract millions of subscribers around the world. Know it all!

At the beginning of February 2022, it was officially announced Jack Lothian He will be behind this show as the main writer and presenter. Filming took place between May and October of the same year, mainly in Barcelona, ​​although there are also recordings in Folkestone, UK.

+ What is the topic of “Who is Erin Carter”?

The plot follows Erin, a substitute teacher who lives in a gated community in Spain with her husband, Jordi, and their daughter, Harper. Everything changes when she is involved in a violent robbery at a local supermarket and one of the robbers claims to identify her. Now, her life is beginning to unravel and she is forced to clear her name to protect her family. “But is she really what she says?”concludes the summary.

Who is Erin Carter? It’s one of the first shows of the week. (Netflix)

+ Cast Who is Erin Carter?

Series stars Even Ahmed In the role of the central character, Irene Kollants. The cast is completed with Sean Teal (Geordi), Douglas Henshall (Daniel Long) Susanna Fielding (olivia), Charlotte Vega (Penelope), He points to Watson (Harper), Babe Ambrose (Emil) f Jake Fairbrother (Bruno).

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+ What is the premiere of “Who is Erin Carter”?

After a long production process, the series was confirmed Who is Erin Carter? It will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, August 24. In all, subscribers will have eight announced episodes available and will wait for their audience numbers to see if it gets renewed for a second season.

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