America wakes up just in time for a mighty Germany

Unstoppable driving Anthony Edwards (34 points) Choice United State He woke up in time to avoid ending his World Cup preparation tour of the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan with defeat on Sunday. His reaction in the fourth quarter against Strong Germany who dominated the scoreboard for much of the match, avoiding a stumbling block for the team he coaches at the last minute. Steve Kerr (99-91).

Germans who came to win 16 points They took control of the game in the final quarter with a score of 77-86 in their favour. Their troopers got this far because the Americans put some cogs in their game, and based on a triple play and a larger choral game, they managed a 22-5 series run in that period that put their win on track at Etihad Arena. in Abu Dhabi ,

Both selections They haven’t met since 2004.. On this occasion, their coaches took the opportunity to improve their teams’ formation, distributing minutes to their players.

The USA started better, quickly taking a 15-7 lead, though Germany pulled back and avoided further damage with a 10-0 series lead that gave them the first advantage of the afternoon.

At the end of the first quarter, the scoreboard was pulled (26-26). Well managed by the NBA Dennis Schroeder (16 points and 10 assists), the Europeans came out better after the start of the second half, and with greater offensive parameters and proving their strength in the paint, they had a ten-point advantage that fell to six points in the first half in a match involving the Americans. He suffered more than expected (54-48, min. 20).

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The Germans’ control was maintained at the beginning of the second half, where, thanks to their best game in the first five minutes, they made the most of the match (55-71, min. 25). Then came the reaction of the North Americans, who were able to rebuild and reach the last ten minutes with a chance to win (73-77).

But the last quarter was another story. As in previous matches, his players went out with everything they could and even closed the gap Anthony EdwardsHis MVP brought a par 86 to the score in three with 5.17 remaining.

From 77 to 86, they went to 93-86 after four consecutive three-point moves by disciples of Steve Kerr, who did not allow any more surprises until the end and left Abu Dhabi with a good taste in their mouths, just like the Germans, who beat Greece and played Face to face with the main favorites to win the World Cup.

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