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Netflix: The documentary series with only 8 chapters exploring the unexplainable

This chilling investigative docuseries Netflix Added to its catalog are strange disappearances, disturbing events, frightening encounters, and other disturbing phenomena without a clear explanation. This is the documentary in series form: “Inexplicable files” (“Unexplained Files”).

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The production, which some have previously classified as a more realistic version of the hit 1990s TV series, The X-FilesIt combines witness testimony, documents, and expert opinion. The production offers a look at different stories that took place in Francisville (Louisiana), Lake Lanier (Georgia), Mount Shasta (California), Washington State, and the Salish Sea (British Columbia) in the USA.

It should be noted that the project is produced by Vox Media Studios, the same creators of “to explain“(2018) and”Mind in short (2019).

Netflix is ​​the documentary series with only 8 chapters exploring the unexplainable

The captivating Netflix series that will intrigue even the most skeptical: The Unexplainable Files

Cases that don't seem to have a logical answer and even some crazy plots, a series from the streaming giant seems to be the perfect choice for fans of this type of content. Likewise, throughout eight episodes, the TV show focuses on the testimonies of people who were first-hand witnesses to shocking real events, as well as official documentation and expert opinions.

At each step of the plot, an attempt will be made to understand the interesting events that have occurred. At the same time, a group of researchers and subject specialists will try to determine whether there is any logical explanation for certain situations that occurred in the first season of the series.

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A synopsis of the Netflix docuseries “The Unexplained Files” that reveals mysterious true events

Creepy encounters, strange disappearances, disturbing events and other disturbing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative documentary series.

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