Which countries do fans check their social networks the most when they watch football and what other things do they do while watching matches?

Order food and check social networks. Watch the games at huge street festivals instead of staying at home. A female audience currently represents 37 percent of the total audience. More popular in Asian countries that do not have a national team to represent them, compared to other countries where football is seen as a religion. Qatar 2022 World Cup will be one, but the way it is consumed and participation in this event, two months after its start, is shaped by multiple behaviors.

Nielsen World Football Report 2022 en Find the store Which reflect the different trends of the audience and care about football on the way to the next World Cup. The report shows football as one of the three most popular sports in ten of the thirteen markets analyzed. It is number one in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The second most popular sport is in India and South Korea, while it ranks third in China and Japan.

It’s not in the top three in Australia, Canada and the US, although the default fourth or fifth place in the MLS country, speaks volumes for a large audience. The funny thing is that In Vietnam, 75 percent of the population declares themselves soccer and World Cup fans despite the lack of a competitive national team. In Brazil, this percentage is 65 percent. Free broadcast TV is still the main means of access to watch football: it reaches 81% of these 13 markets, while 62% do so through some payment system, 72% follow football on social networks, and 68% through some. streaming platform.

Korean fans look at their mobile phones while they wait for the game to startJoe Clamar – AFP

The report shows that football fans are more likely to engage in certain activities when watching matches: 69% of their audience are more likely to order food delivery, versus 61% of the general population. 67 percent check their emails (versus 60 percent), 60 percent play online video games (54%).

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Live bets are seeing a clear increase: 42 percent of those who watch soccer versus 31 percent of the general population. China (90%), Brazil (88%), the United States and India (82%) have the largest number of fans browsing their social media while watching the match.While the lowest percentage surveyed in 13 countries was Japan: 43%.

The data point to changes in sponsorship trends that led to Qatar 2022 which in turn respond to geopolitical issues. The most growing component among sponsors is tourism: between 2019 and 2022, it accounts for 13 percent of sponsorship expenditures, compared to 8.4 percent in Russia 2018 and 6.3 percent in Brazil 2014. Non-alcoholic beverages are at the top of the list with 15.8 percent, but lower than Russia: 17.3 %.

The energy, fuel and oil division accounts for the biggest sudden drop: just 1.8 percent for Qatar, versus 10.4 percent between 2015 and 2018 and 3.9 percent between 2011 and 2014. A possible explanation points to Russia’s Gazprom, which was an official sponsor. As for Russia 2018, he is currently under economic sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine and his sponsorship with UEFA and European clubs has been revoked.

Brands understand that being at a major sporting event generates a special relationship with the audience: According to the report, 67 percent of soccer fans think brands are more attractive when they participate in sports sponsorship, compared to 52 percent of soccer fans. percent of the general population.

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