Science and Technology Week

From September 19 to 30 at the Creative Arctic located at 1406 Thorne Street (Colon corner) in Rio Grande and at the South Creative Pole at 836 Gobernador Paz Street in Ushuaia, the Science and Technology Week will be held in Tierra del Fuego .. fire.

Rio Grande.- The event, organized by the provincial government through the provincial minister of science and technology, who is dependent on the Ministry of Education, together with creative Poles in Ushuaia and Rio Grande, will have free admission and its main objective is to bring science and technology closer to the entire county community.

On this occasion, there will be two weeks of activities that will take place from Monday to Friday at each of the poles of creativity.

Participants will be able to learn in detail what science and technology means and will have the opportunity to connect with the different elements that are used to develop these activities. They may also be the protagonists of conversations with famous professionals from the local area and others who will be arriving in the county for the event. Among others, three notable influencers are to be expected, in addition to the historian, communicator Bobina Bloomer, a famous scientific conductor, and Dr. Sol Despinada. Both will hold talks at the Yaganis Cultural Center. Saul Ferreira, better known as Sol Despinada, is a physician and professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and was nominated for the Lola Moura Awards in the “Scientific Disclosure” category. Talks by these two famous professionals will center around perspectives on inequality and women’s achievements in science.

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While the local scientists who will participate in the event are Jose Luis Hormaicia and Luis Benegas who have carried out many scientific missions. In addition, chemistry graduate Paula Cantera and seismologist Celeste Polini will attend the discussion on Friday.

El Sureño has been in touch with Santiago Marvel, a science communication specialist who is part of the provincial Science and Technology Secretariat’s team, and noted that during the two weeks people will be able to participate in various conversations given by locals. Scientists, besides those from Buenos Aires. In addition, there will be a conversation during which professionals will be able to demonstrate what science and technology mean through their own experiences.

Marvel realized that this event “almost serves as an excuse for people to come to the creative pole and take advantage of everything that can be offered in this regard for free.”

The event started on Monday but activities will start today with a talk about “microscopy and the fascination with plants”. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, coinciding with the Spring Festival and Student’s Day, a clinic called “The Science of Film”, consisting of an analysis of the film “Wall-e” in which Tree plays the title role, will be shown. These two weeks will help people learn about the importance of ecology, ecology, robotics, design and all applications of science and technology and “every day there will be a different talk, and almost all of them will be introduced from 6:00 pm,” the official said.

Santiago Marvel highlighted the quality of professionals working in the creative hubs of Rio Grande and Ushuaia. “They are high-level professionals with a lot of experience and know exactly what they are talking about, so their conversations are always very rich in content.”

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School participation

The organizers expect a large participation of students from various educational institutions in the governorate. Given this situation, they announced that schools requiring participation must register by sending an email to: [email protected].

At this point, it should be noted that all schools will be able to participate in these events until the end of the year.

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