Where did the object that will hit the moon on March 4 come from?

They only discovered that it was artificial. China has denied that this is its space station and SpaceX has ruled out the remains of Falcon 9.


A mysterious object that looks like a fake is heading towards the moon where it crashes on itEstimated on March 4. However, No agency has been able to determine who the object belongs to.. Both SpaceX and the Chinese authorities have completely ruled out that the artifact belongs to their factory.

After years of observation, astronomer Bill Gray last week identified the object and attributed it to a company rocket led by Elon Musk and reported the impending impact that could cause a crater at least 20 meters in diameter on the moon’s surface.

As it was the first unintended impact of space debris on the Moon, the news caused outrage and various voices called for the space debris to be organized.

However, JPL-NASA’s John Giorgini reviewed data for the object he initially identified as the remnant of a Falcon 9 rocket (owned by SpaceX) and discovered it was wrong.

A NASA engineer ruled out this possibility, targeting the Chinese Chang’e 5-T1 booster rocket. Because when the cover of Falcon 9 broke, according to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was far from the path that would take it to the Moon for a crash.

Instead of being a stage of the Falcon 9 launched in February 2015 that was tasked with putting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s DSCOVR observatory into orbit, the object that will crash with the Moon is part of a Chinese rocket, Long March 3C, which the National Space Administration launched Chinese (CNSA) Chang’e 5-T1 unmanned moon mission.

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The object was previously identified as an asteroid, but because it orbits the Earth and not the Sun, it has been associated with a man-made object..

Gray checked his calculations and agreed that the object moving toward the moon was called WE0913A, China’s Chang’e rocket booster.

“In 2015, I (mistakenly) identified this object as 2015-007B, the second stage of the DSCOVR spacecraft. We now have strong evidence that it is, in fact, definitely65B, the booster for the Chang’e 5-T1 lunar mission,” Gray explained.

“The object has the expected brightness, has been projected at the expected times and is moving in a reasonable orbit”Gray added.

But in hindsight, he added, “I should have noticed that something strange was going on.” Therefore, he admitted his mistake and noted that this “only confirms the problem we have with not having proper tracking of these objects in deep space.”

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And when the mystery seemed to have been resolved, the Chinese Foreign Ministry ruled out the two altogether, stating that the motive accused of colliding with the satellite “has safely entered the Earth’s atmosphere and was completely incinerated.”

They noted from Beijing that it “in good conscience defends the sustainability of activities in outer space,” Beijing spokeswoman Wang Wenbin told a regular press conference.

The Chang’e-5 mission sent a robot to the moon to collect samples and then return them to Earth. He went, landed, took samples, and returned to Earth. The rest of the rocket from the Chang’e-5 rocket booster will be on its way to the moon.

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