When is it coming to Netflix, HBO, and Prime?

The popular cartoon premiered a new movie that will soon be part of the online platforms. Find out the exact date in the note.

Watch the Super Mario Bros. movie. The Movie online: When is it on Netflix, HBO, and Prime? | Libero composition

‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ has become one of the most watched movies after telling a new adventure Mario and Luigi With his friends. To date, the movie has grossed over $1 billion.

Thousands of fans went to the cinema to watch the animated movie and are now looking forward to watching this movie on virtual platforms like Netflix, Prime Video or HBO MAX. If you want to watch the movie Super Mario Bros movie And you are in the comfort of your own home, then check out the following lines.

Where do you see the Super Mario Bros. movie? The Movie online?

Super Mario Bros.! The Movie is now available on a streaming platform. However, do not be too zealous, because it is not enabled for all countries. peacockis NBC’s streaming service and on the aforementioned platform, you can actually see Mario Tape at no additional cost.

Yes good peacock It is very popular in the United States, but the same is not happening in other countries, which is why thousands of Super Mario Bros fans are waiting for the movie to arrive in Netflix, HBO Max, or Prime Video. However, this would not happen for several more months.

It should be noted that Disney Plus The owner of this bar is not from Illumination, Universal Pictures and Nintendo, so you will not be able to see it on their platform. Netflix may have been the first to release it, but for now, only Super Mario Bros. Ultimate is Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. The movie is available on peacock.

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On the other hand, it is important to tell them that users can already rent or buy the movie on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV, and Google Play Movies.

Mario Bros movie team

  • Mario as Raul Anaya
  • Luigi as Roberto Salguero
  • Princess Peach as Alejandra Pilar
  • Camper as Hector Estrada
  • Donkey Kong as Mark Pokura
  • Cranky Kong as German Fabregat
  • Toad as Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • Kamik as Roberto Carrillo
  • King Penguin as Mauricio Perez
  • Luma/Flash as Victoria C├ęspedes

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