Canada sends out a warning and Alberto Diaz causes panic in Granada

As if they wanted to rehearse a dramatic scenario in the second phase of the World Cup in Jakarta, where they are likely to face each other, the Spain and Canada friendly in Granada battled for more than 40 minutes. In overtime, Jordy Fernandez’s men (80-85), a young sports team that sent out a warning, won. Even building and knowing the FIBA ​​world as it is, they have basketball and legs. They would be dangerous in Indonesia, especially Shay Gilgos Alexander (22 points), who ended up getting a nice assist in overtime by RJ Barrett. However, she didn’t leave Spain with a bad body from a friendly either. Yue is back and this is the first step; Garuba was so copious that petrol could take him; Claver remains emphatic. And The only bad news was the intimidation of Alberto Diaz which, let’s hope, came to naught. Six minutes from the end, he hooked his legs to Ijim, his Unicaja teammate curiously, and felt scared. We’ll see what the tests say and if everything is scary.

The first part, in which Spain did not reach their first advantage until the 13th minute (29-28), raised two scientific names. The first, Victor Claver. On his way to the age of 35, which will be in the middle of the World Cup (August 30), he put in an amazing defensive clinic in Part 1.. It wasn’t his six points. Not even a +10 with Valencia on the track. His distinctive defensive reading of the game, how he touched Olynyk’s every hack attempt and even how he despaired of his teammate when he wasn’t able to read his interpretation of the play as well as he did. Clavier, who had arrived without confirmation of the location of the focus, secured a place among the Jakarta Twelve by knocking on wood. And next to Clavier, Garuba. The boy recovered from his right ankle problem, grew up in Azuqueca de Henares, and was a hurricane. Hungry on the court and for minutes, he increased the national team’s defensive intensity and helped turn a game that started Jordy Fernandez of Canada into an advantage with Barrett’s three-pointers. and Essentials Tea Gilgos Alexander, who inherited the physical talents of his mother Charmaine, a former Olympian at the Barcelona Games for Antigua and Barbuda.. The game went into halftime 44-40 with the simultaneous appearance, and positive, on the field of vintage Trident: Yui Rudy Claver.

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Scarullo, who also considered the game a good way to scout Canada, wanted to see more in the third quarter. For example, Abalde, who is speeding up his chances of being at the World Cup He mixed successes with some mistakes, which put him in a more complicated situation. Willie misses, by now, more of the game’s generators and spent almost the entire second half on the bench. To think of solutions for your game. Spain squandered its points and once again stuck to the defense. The game got a little sloppy. The national team barely reached 12 points in the third set. Canada, 15 points, didn’t do much more.

The match came to an even end with Jordy Fernandez and Scarillo showing more weapons. Canada, to Giant Eddie and the Visions of Bill Haynes; Spain, three times from Brizuela and Parra, who will have to go one step further as the days go by. Of course, the horror gave him six minutes to go Alberto Diaz, who in one of his brave defenses got his feet caught and left the Palacio de Deportes in silence.. Scarillo replaced him to avoid the bigger bad things and, to a certain extent, left the game in the background as everyone watched the man from Malaga. There was overtime (73-73) after neither Brizuela nor Gilgos Alexander shot.

Spain seemed to fall apart in overtime (73-80), but clung to their non-negotiable resistance, and took the game (78-80). But young Canada had RJ Barret at the helm and announced that they would be a formidable opponent, with legs and talent, at the World Cup.. Nice to meet you in Granada.

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