Really?: Booth on a cliff

Dubbed the “toughest kiosk on earth,” the place sells drinks and food to climbers who need a break in the middle of a climb. Trade is located in Shiniuzhai National Geopark in Hunan Province, China, a 120 metres.

The purpose of the small wood enterprise is Provide food and drink for climbers in the park while climbing a cliff, according to the British Daily Star.

Pictures of the place were posted to the social network X, formally known as Twitter, by the Science Girl account. She wrote: “In China’s Hunan Province, 120 meters down the side of a cliff, there is a kiosk providing climbers with basic snacks, refreshments and meals as they ascend.”

According to the young woman, “workers They restock the kiosk with zip lines, To provide a unique shopping experience.

Chinese state media outlet CCTV reported that the place sells items such as boxes of chips and drinks.

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