WhatsApp today: what does it mean when someone texts you the number 737 and why you should reply

Every time, cell phones contain more instant messaging or social networking applications, through which they can communicate with their family, friends or just acquaintances. But you can’t always count on it Privacy It is required to send a message. For this reason, younger users have developed a bit Codes to be able to communicate through symbols and numbersand we understand each other perfectly through another language.

Through digital codes that are exchanged through Video tutorials on TikTok or who Internet sites such as DonkomoUsers have created an alternate way to communicate with each other, in the midst of a goal Save writing time And to maintain privacy with the person on the other end, in case they are not there.

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Thus, instant messaging app users use numeric codes to send ‘hidden’ messages, such as “1122”in the tag A step forwardor the11:11″, to highlight the emotional bond that is maintained with a close person.

In your case, the number “737” sent via WhatsApp It can be used with two main possibilities. In the first place, it might be a symbol for smiley face emoticon with happy eyes – to show respect or praise to a person; as detailed Donkomo. However, there is a more prevalent union, which asserts that it is a substitute or accompaniment to Good night message in the end of the day.

Thus, users use this code in their desire, Casual and funGood sensations at bedtime or for the routine of nighttime activities. For example, use “Have a peaceful night 737!″ or “I hope you have 737 better days tomorrow.”

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In addition, this symbol can also be used to refer to a file activity finished, as in the case of him going out to an event and actually coming home. Or, also, to warn distant loved ones not to think of them. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that whoever receives this number as a message will repeat it as a response.

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The instant messaging app is constantly updated It incorporates more and more novelties So that WhatsApp users can get it. One of the last to be implemented was a specification Search for conversations across exchange history. Although it does have a slight drawback: for now, Only available for iPhones.

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that’s it steps must be followed:


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