WhatsApp Premium and the main functions of this paid version

WhatsApp Premium is currently in the testing phase for users who have a business account on the app. (Photo: Addiction)

New update for the beta version of The WhatsApp for operating systems Android and iOS let me know some Features From the premium version of Application which could be available in future official releases.

whatsapppremiumas it’s known Issuanceis currently in a testing phase for users with a business account in Application and use it as a platform Customer service.

However, according to the WABetaInfo website, which reports on these properties, access to the company’s account will not be exclusive to Premium version from the app. Yes, additional features that will be available will be:

Businesses can now access a feature that allows them to set up a file Link To give users a direct connection to an account whatsapp business.

Custom corporate link functionality in WhatsApp Premium (WABetaInfo)
Custom corporate link functionality in WhatsApp Premium (WABetaInfo)

However, the version excellent This feature will allow company profile administrators to set a custom link that matches a file name Business Thus, it is easier for customers to remember the link, who will be able to find a faster way to contact services Business.

As long as the premium subscription is maintained, users The WhatsApp for Business It may change the name of the link every 90 days and not others a company You can claim it Link like thy. However, if membership is discontinued, both the link and the name can be used by another user of this version of a program.

users whatsapp business You will notice a significant improvement in your ability to connect multiple devices to the same account, because with the premium subscription Pay Up to 10 of them can be linked for larger capacity Management of messages, especially if Business Is large or has too many customers.

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The inclusion of these premium features, to which others may be added in the future, does not mean that the currently available features will work differently. People who want to have an account whatsapp business In a premium plan they can join by paying through App Store for iOS or Play Store For Android devices.

With the premium version of WhatsApp Business, users will be able to associate an account with a total of 10 devices.  (take photo)
With the premium version of WhatsApp Business, users will be able to associate an account with a total of 10 devices. (take photo)

In case you no longer wish to make the payment or if you wish to boycott SubscriptionLike any other service, you will continue to have access to Features During the paid period and once this time has elapsed, you will return to normal functions. Client Business They will not lose any functionality when downgrading to the free version.

Currently, the version whatsapp business excellent It has not been released for beta in all countries of the world. Those who are part of the beta program but are not in those regions should not worry if they do not find WhatsApp Premium among the options. Adjust from the app

At the moment, it is not known if WhatsApp plans to expand the capacity of its beta tests to more countries at this point, nor is it known if this functionality will Paid subscription It will be available to Android and iOS users (or at least one of them) in the next app update.

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