WhatsApp: How to make notifications look like dick, meow or old msn

WhatsApp notifications are important to know when a new message is received (Photo: EFE/Marcelo Sayão/File)

With drops and updates that are very similar to the characteristics of Telegram, its rival, The WhatsApp keep being Messaging service It is preferred to communicate with friends, family and co-workers, which is why users are constantly able to get the most out of it.

On this occasion, a WhatsApp option has been found that allows to change the sound of a file Notices so that it looks like those of messenger (MSN), hammer blow Or anything else like meow or dick or whatever the user wants.

Perhaps there are some young people who think that Messenger refers to the person who is currently using Facebook but it is not, because it is accepted by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook dead, officially launched its social network, Microsoft had a messaging service of the same name.

Live MSN was undoubtedly the most widely used in the early 2000s to send messages, put statuses with music, receive photos, stickers, buzz, and more. Although it discontinued completely in 2014, many remember it fondly.

There are those who remember the Prophet with nostalgia (Photo: Archive)
There are those who remember the Prophet with nostalgia (Photo: Archive)

For those who wish to WhatsApp notifications Sounding like the old messenger, as well as those who like to be joking and prefer to be like a hen or a dog barking or something else, should take into account the following pointers:

The first step is definitely to change Notification sound It is to get your new ringtone in MP3 format. For this, it is advisable to go to YouTube, search for the topic and save it to your mobile phone.

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Since there is no direct option to download audio from the app, you will have to go to a computer and rely on a free download site like y2mate or snappea to get the audio. In the case of the latter two, it is enough to search for it in Google in order for it to appear; You have to enter with the YouTube link set up and follow the instructions, which are quite intuitive.

Once the audio is saved in MP3 format on the smartphone, you have to open WhatsApp and select the Settings option present in the upper right corner.

WhatsApp is the messaging service of choice (Image: Europa Press)
WhatsApp is the messaging service of choice (Image: Europa Press)

Next thing is to select ‘Settings’ option in the menu, once the options slide, click on ‘Notifications’ and then on ‘Notification tone’, you will provide the option to select MP3 audio.

There you can choose the downloaded audio so that the file starts sound notifications from that way. The voice can be changed freely, either to keep the Messenger nostalgic or to make it sound fun.

First, you need to create a new broadcast list.

Secondly, send a message to any contact through this list.

Third, we have to wait for the recipients to open and read the message.

Fourth, you need to press and hold on the sent message and tap on the “Information” option when the menu appears.

Fifthly and finally, the WhatsApp application will display the phones of those who received and read the message. In addition, here you will be able to find out whether a person has our contact number in the agenda or not, even if it is not added.

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