WhatsApp groups change with the new ‘Communities’ function

The WhatsApp It is an important change to groups by adding another tool, “Communities”Suggestion simulation for platforms like Discord and Slack.

The newness of exFacebook Messenger (Now the goal) was discovered by the specialized media that leaked pictures of what will be A new way to sort and organize group chats.

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What are the communities on WhatsApp

Job will allow Uniting different groups in the same society. For example, the conversation of parents from the school, another group that brings together students, the group in which there are also teachers, and so on. In this case, the community can be called a “school”. Among them will be the above groups.

as specialized portal Engadget, this function will work on Gather different group chats under a broader umbrella.

Place WABetaInfo, which is a source usually discovers New Jobs in WhatsApp, Shared screenshots showing these communities as group chats, albeit with a different icon and a square with rounded edges.

This way, users will be able to tell them apart in a jiffy.

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How will communities work on WhatsApp?

The new feature will allow Community admins can invite other users through a link or manually. These “admins” will also have tools to manage such spaces, although specific details are not yet available.

There are no official announcements from WhatsApp yet It is not known in what way the different group chats will be combined under the same domain. It is expected, in communities as well, that chats will have end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Communities will be an alternative within the platform to replace other discussion spaces, such as Discord or Slack.

WhatsApp is also expected to offer other tools for community managers Better manage all the built-in groups.

WhatsApp: When will Communities be launched?

Reports Note that the functionality has been tested in beta versions on iOS and Android. In any case, There is still no official information about this version, so it is not known when it will reach a generic level, if indeed it does.

Sometimes these test features don’t make it to the final versions of the messaging service.

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