What you need to know about Omicron’s latest travel restrictions

(CNN) – Good. It was good while it lasted, right? This week, we’re all getting more familiar with the Greek alphabet as the omicron variant wreaks havoc on travel plans everywhere.

These are the latest developments to be aware of from the past seven days:

Travel restrictions are now a crazy game by Whac-A-Mole

Just when I thought it was safe to get back in the air, the type of coronavirus also known as B.1.1.529 emerged and suddenly travel became very complicated again. We’ve tracked the restrictions on a country-by-state basis.

For details on the German national blockade, see here. Here’s what you need to know about the new US travel rules.

We also have things to consider if you’re trying to plan an international trip right now. Then there is the question of whether or not the travel ban works. The World Health Organization does not think so.

Fiji tourism reopens

Fiji tourism reopens

However, not all were closed this week. The Pacific island of Fiji, on Wednesday, reopened its borders to international travelers for the first time in nearly two years. Tourism accounts for 40% of the island’s economy, and now that 90% of the population has been vaccinated, it’s back in business.

Elsewhere, the land border between Singapore and Malaysia reopened to vaccinated people on November 29.

English pub-goers trapped for three days

More than 60 people were trapped under the ice in England’s Tan Hill Inn, the UK’s tallest pub, after Storm Irwin hit the country. They were stuck there for three nights but kept in a good mood with plenty of food, drink and even entertainment, shaped like an Oasis shaped band.

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If you’re worried about getting caught in extreme weather (let’s face it, endless rounds of “Wonderwall” aren’t for everyone), CNN has put together some survival tips as part of their Life, But Better series. If you ever need to protect your head from undergarments and fishing gear, We’ve got it covered. Or you can take a look at our specific tips for snow storms.

(Some) Christmas markets continue

Some Christmas markets are open

There is nothing like Glühwein to dispel grief. Many well-known holiday markets have been canceled this year, but CNN Travel has put together this roundup of markets that are still going.

US President Joe Biden was there for the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington on December 2, the day after the Rockefeller Tree lights were turned on in New York, but Londoners criticized the appearance. Slightly sloppy from her town tree that appeared in Trafalgar Square on November 30.

However, the London Tree at least wouldn’t give anyone nightmares, unlike this rolling-eyed Canadian creation with distinct vibes from the Squid Game.

Poland and Niger are now in the “high risk” travel category in the US.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a weekly update of its travel recommendations.

As usual, there were a lot of climbers this week. Joining a handful of South African countries as newcomers to the top 4 risk list are, you know, Niger, Poland, Papua New Guinea, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Five destinations have fallen from Tier 4 to Tier 3: Bermuda, Costa Rica, French Polynesia, Guyana and Saint Lucia.

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And now, dumplings

Take a break from the worries of the world and direct your mind to dumplings, those hot little pockets of joy. We have met at least 35 of our favorite pasties from all over the world.

Greetings to Queen Riri


The Caribbean island of Barbados severed ties with the British monarchy this week and eventually became a republic. Prime Minister Mia Motley is the country’s first female president, while newly appointed Sandra Mason is the country’s first female president. To complete the women’s trilogy, one of the Republic’s first steps was to designate international superstar Rihanna as a national hero.

Carla Krebs, Jack Jay, Tamara Hardingham Gill, Marnie Hunter, Sylvia Marchetti, Liliette Marcus, Barry Neild and Kristen Rogers contributed to this report.

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