What time is Every Man for Himself released on Netflix?

“Every man for himself!” (Netflix) was announced in June at the end of the series “Sálvame”. It was filmed over ten days in July and opens on Friday November 10. The platform is currently launching the first three parts of this “reality” produced by La Fábrica de la Tele and in which eight historical collaborators from ‘Save me’ They pack their bags and travel to Miami (USA) in search of work after the Telecinco program in which they had worked for more than 14 years was cancelled.

  • Belen Esteban

  • Lydia Lozano

  • Terillo Campos

  • García Cortes cello

  • Kiko Hernandez

  • Kiko Matamoros

  • Victor Sandoval

  • Maria Patino

Expectation for this cut ‘Save me’ High according to views of promotions on social networks Netflix He wants to release the first three chapters of “Every man for himself!” It will be a television event. That is why the platform, champion of the marathon series, chose an unusual time for the premiere of its new “reality” (the type that the platform has experimented with the most in terms of programming).

What time is the movie “Every Man for Himself!” released?

Netflix the first show “Every man for himself!” On Friday, November 10 at 9:00 pm (8:00 pm in the Canary Islands), in a clear homage to “Deluxe”, the “Sálvame” edition that Telecinco broadcasts every Friday (or Saturday or even Sunday) night. This one doesn’t last long “Every man for himself!”The duration of the three installments does not exceed three hours (45 minutes each).

Premiere of “Every Man for Himself!” Mexico

The other three installments of “Every man for himself!”recorded in Mexico City, will be broadcast in early 2024. During the press conference attended by ABC, + Lidia Lozano missed the scheduled date for the second part of “Reality”: January 2024. Splitting into two groups of the same season This is becoming increasingly common on Netflix, especially on its most successful titles (“Stranger Things,” “The Crown”), in order to avoid “leaking” subscribers.

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There can be two reasons for the division into two parts “Every man for himself!”. Either the platform wants to consume the registration of the six installments or it has high hopes for the format when it comes to getting more user registrations. The top directors of “Sálvame” have arrived at Netflix Spain with Álvaro Díaz as Director of Non-Fiction Content, Docuseries and Entertainment Programming; Under his supervision, reality TV formats such as “Insiders”, “Amor con Baial” and “Soy Georgina” were launched.

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