What is the trick to know what the edited or deleted message says

The messaging app has been rolling out new features in recent weeks.

WhatsApp: What is the trick to know what a modified or deleted message says?

WhatsApp often revamps its functionality and strives to meet the requirements of its users. Editing and deleting messages is one of the recent developments, however, for the curious, there is a trick that allows you to see what those chats that no longer exist are saying.

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The method is very simple, as users can check what that “hidden message” is (edited or deleted) through the notifications provided by the app.

Before that, it is necessary to check whether the word “Edited” appears at the bottom of the text or simply says “You deleted this message.” The steps to follow are:

1. Open the Settings app and access the Notifications section.

2. Select the “Notification History” option.

3. Activate “Use Notification History” and that’s it.

Once this process is completed, the user will check the history of messages for which he received a notification in the list.

How to delete and edit a message sent via WhatsApp

To delete a message sent individually or to a group, users must follow these steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp application and go to the chat, where the message you want to delete is located.

2. Click on the text.

3. Select the “Delete message” option and then “Delete for everyone”.

Message deletion options.

On the other hand, according to Meta, “edited messages will display the status ‘Edited,’ so recipients will be aware of the correction.” To make this change, you must follow these steps:

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1. Open the WhatsApp app and go to the chat where you want to edit the message.

2. Click on the text.

3. Select the “Edit” option, and later you can correct the text.

WhatsApp recently added message editing functionality.

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