Video: A man harasses a Spanish journalist live while using his cell phone

A Spanish journalist was broadcasting live on a mobile phone in Madrid when she was suddenly approached by a stranger walking down the street and sexually assaulted her.

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Isabel Ballado, center On everyone’s lips It covered the arrest of the owners of a store in the Lavapes neighborhood in the Spanish capital, on charges of attacking a thief, who ended up being arrested as well. While providing information, a man groped her.

Video of the direct attack on the journalist. Video: Twitter/@EnBocaDe_All

Despite the sexual assault, the broadcaster tried to continue the story, but the program presenter stopped her and asked her if she had been harassed by a passerby. Later, the photographer expanded the shot to show that the attacker was still there.

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In fact, Balado scolded him for touching his butt, the man wanted to excuse himself, and even let him stroke him on the head. Faced with this situation, the broadcaster shouted live: “This man is stupid.”

After what happened, the program reportedly took action against what happened and decided to contact the police. “We have called them because they have to act. We hope we can see the pictures of this unrepresentable person being arrested,” the driver told viewers.

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