Make Chrome dance with this hidden Google trick that puts a beat in your browser with the Cha Cha Slide

2000 are back. Along with nostalgia for the clothes and musical styles of the turn of the millennium. Many current trends seek to imitate what was trendy twenty years ago. s The Google It will not be excluded. To remember that time, he added to his search engine a hidden trick This “makes him dance” to the beat of A Epic song.

To activate the surprise, users will only have to enter Three magic words in the search bar And wait for the result that will transport you to the golden years 2000 to revive a famous choreography …

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You will surely remember the hit Mr. C The Slide Man, Cha Cha Slide. the song was One small step was dancing to the point of nausea. Now with Google you can revive it with an extension A simple trick inside the chrome. If you don’t remember the topic, or don’t know what we’re talking about, first listen to the original song:

Mr. Sea the Slideman – Slide Cha Cha. (Video: Youtube/MrCTheSlideManVEVO)

Now that the song is up to date, just open Chrome and type in the search bar “Chacha Slide”. When Google returns the result first I clicked the microphone Which appears in the top left of the screen as you can see in the image below:

Clicking the microphone starts the choreography of the legendary song. (screenshot: google)

The browser will start to perform the steps of Cha Cha Slide, but since it is a file interactive trickyou will have to click on the graphics that will appear in the place of the microphone and The browser will dance to the beat.

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Remember to turn up the volume to enjoy the full experience. And once you’ve finished the whole song, you can repeat it as many times as you like.

What is a cha cha slice

Cha Cha Slide is a song It spread very quickly before the advent of social media. It was launched in the year 2000 by American artist DJ Casper and immediately became a hit who managed to spend five weeks in the prestigious ranking Billboard 100 Four years later, in 2004, it reached number one in the UK.

This song became a pop culture icon at the beginning of the century and thanks to the fact that it motivated many people to dance with a specific choreography, “Cha Cha Slide”, It’s on almost all wedding playlistsparties and other occasions.

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Other Google Tricks

  • Twisted and turbulent results

There are two types of missions with effects that will surprise any user who is not familiar with them Simple Google Tricks. Of course: they have no more benefit than simple entertainment or curiosity. One is a google search for the word “.skewed”, resulting in a slightly tilted page.

The following anomaly occurs when typing in a search engine “Barrel roll actionWhat happens? The page turns like a turntable until it stops.

The last option, with little effect, is to search for “html blink” also “blink signIn the results you will see some words in the results flashing on the screen.

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Many developers like to hide games in files software. One of the best known cases is that of the dinosaur that appears in ChromeGoogle browser, and it starts up when you touch the space bar.

There is also hidden entertainment in the perfect web search engine. The way to wake him up is via google”Zerg rushThen some bubbles will appear on the screen that must be dropped with the cursor, and a counter showing the player’s player performance. If we don’t shoot, these circles “eat” the results.

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