What does Brad Pitt do in Silverstone?

Filming takes place at the famous Silverstone circuit, coinciding with the 10th Formula 1 World Grand Prix. This circuit has a special significance, as it was the site of the first race in the history of Formula 1. In 1950. To bring his character to life, Brad Pitt sits behind the wheel of a car Modified from the old GP2, which is currently known as Formula 2.

During the free practice and testing sessions for the British Grand Prix, Brad Pitt took advantage of the breaks to film his scenes on the track. A garage has been installed in the pit lane between the Mercedes and Ferrari boxes, recreating the real atmosphere of a Formula One team. In said garage you can see a photo of the actor, the name of his character, Sonny Hayes, and the number 7 that identifies the car he drives in the movie.

Filming will continue throughout the weekend Brad Pitt is expected to appear on The Start Network on SundayOn the famous Northamptonshire Racecourse. Although his participation in the race would be fictional, his presence at this iconic sporting event sparked a great deal of excitement among motorsports fans and the actor’s followers.

Promising to immerse the viewer in the exciting world of high-speed racing, this film about the “Great Circus” combines the passion and adrenaline of this sport with the performance of one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. It will be interesting to see how Brad Pitt embodies the role of Sonny Hayes and how he handles himself in the very private environment that Silverstone presents.

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The film, which is still without an official title, joins the list of film projects that have found inspiration in the exciting world of Formula 1. Movie and sports fans will be sure to enjoy this new production that promises an exciting story set on the world’s most emblematic speed circuits.

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