Netflix | The Crown is looking for Prince Harry for the fifth season spoiler

Second Isabel She went down in history not for her royal administration, but for being the woman who beat Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom to the throne. For 69 years, he wore the crown of England elegantly, and thus, portraying his life is a challenge that only people like Peter Morgan have dared to do. the crown, the Netflix series that has become a worldwide sensation for the way Windsor is portrayed.

“The truth is painful”, as the saying goes, and this is what happened to the royal family in the United Kingdom when they saw the blunt account of the crown about its history. So much so that Felipe de Edemburgo, more than once, was upset with the series, and in fact, Prince Charles had also joined his complaint, because he did not hesitate to respond to fictional content through social networks, and also made it clear that this tape had misrepresented The truth about your family.

Carlos, Felipe and Isabel II were the most annoying of the series. Image: (Getty)

For this reason, despite the fact that for the Windsors he is the “bad guy”, Prince Harry could have become the favorite of both the actors of the series and the director himself. Being the only person to openly talk about what it means to live in an aristocratic bubble, he has become the best test of giving truth to some of the things that show it. the crown Like, for example, the hardness with which they live.

But, despite the fact that the Duke of Sussex is one of the main heroes of the latest scandals of the royal family, Morgan has already announced that he will not tell his story at the moment. At the moment, it is only known that this blockbuster Netflix movie will peak in its sixth edition, so only Prince, like his brother William, will appear at the time of his birth, childhood, adolescence and later college life.

Princes William and Harry with their father, Prince Charles.  Image: (Getty)

Princes William and Harry with their father, Prince Charles. Image: (Getty)

In fact, just a few hours ago, it was leaked that the production of this drama was actually looking for an actor to portray the early years of Lady Diana’s younger son. “It should be around seven or eight years old, with naturally reddish hair and light or blue eyesNetflix referenced The Scottish Sun. As stated in the announcement of the selection of the actors:You must be a strong swimmer and it is imperative that you are strong and good in this discipline“.

Prince Harry in his youth.  Image: (Getty)

Prince Harry in his youth. Image: (Getty)

This will be the first time the prince has appeared the crown Since then, at the end of the previous season, the birth of his brother, Prince William, has just been shown. This is why there are so many expectations of how Elizabeth II’s grandson will be portrayed and where they will give his story, which can be told from Harry’s current vision or from Morgan’s perspective.

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