What and what advantages do they have and which are better to look at

Food guides are tools we can use to feed ourselves based on common sense and criteria, Which are designed in principle to improve our nutrition.

They seek to provide advice and guidance on the foods we should consume to obtain the necessary nutrients that allow us to maintain good health.

Despite a large number of evidence, very few have survived and generally today, only in practice Pyramid diet And Harvard board.

Pyramid diet

The pyramid is perhaps the most famous dietary guide there is. Perhaps because it was designed by the World Health Organization, Which is currently still updating.

Food pyramid on the web https://piramidealimenticia.es/dietas/la-nueva-piramide-nutricional-oms-2020/

It includes some very relaxing tips like getting physical activity for at least one hour per day, or consuming an adequate amount of yeast WaterBut all that glitters is not gold.

The truth is, it has a problem that many nutritionists have been clamoring for years, which is the fact that it includes Refined flour At the base.

Refined flour

Refined flour is poor in micronutrients, protein, and fiberHowever, it does provide a large amount of carbohydrates which is not necessary even in most cases considering it A sedentary lifestyle Of the population.

Plus, it still includes some Alcoholic drinksAnd pastries, desserts and sausages inside the directory, and Leaves very little room for more recommended foods like fish, eggs, nuts or dairy products.

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In general, it is a directory that has undergone several updates based on attacks Professionals Nutrition, and although it can serve as an introductory model for feeding large groups, there are still certain aspects that need to be corrected.

Harvard painting

The Harvard Plate is a meticulously designed nutritional guide at this particular university Although at first glance it has a less graphic form, it is definitely more applicable when preparing food.

Plato Harvard

Harvard Plato on the Web https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-eating-plate/translations/spanish/

It consists of holding the portions of the plate for each group of foods or nutrients. For example, the healthy foods that you provide protein They should make up a quarter of the plate, while whole grains should make up another quarter.

The other half of the plate consists of vegetables (this is the majority of the plate) and fruits.

It also includes a recommendation to consume water, tea, or coffeeAnd, she explicitly recommends avoiding sugary drinks. Additionally, there is an indication of the use of healthy oils and they should be avoided Unsaturated fats.

This guide has been very well criticized for panel parts distribution and for including a recommendation on Physical activityAnd, although it may seem less clear at first glance, It could be more beneficial to the general population.

Job training for the elderly

Compared to the pyramid, this model could be much better because instead of talking about weekly intakes, the intake is indicated at that very moment.

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This means that we will not need to be aware of our intake for longer periods of time, but rather We’ll just have to make sure that recommendations are followed at every meal.

The recommendations made by Harvard Platter in each category are more clear and concise, with greens and vegetables prioritized over Grain (It is also recommended to limit refined grains to not the same as in the previous case.)

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