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The president drove with mMinister of Science and Technology Daniel FilmusLaunching the federal plan that will allocate resources to reduce the existing technological gap in the country and expand the strategic mechanism. During his speech, the President referred to questions from Kirchnerism and He stressed that he would not allow Argentina to be “postponed.”

In an extended way, he expressed that “some believed or believed that as a result of the agreements we had to sign with the IMF in order to be able to deal with a problem we inherited and which we wish we didn’t have, this would mean postponement” and continued: “No one postpones Argentina, and the first one who will not allow Argentina to be postponed for this reason is me. And there are plenty of signs that we’re not procrastinating.”

He insisted, “We never thought the solution was to stop investing where Argentina needed it,” adding: “We never thought the solution was to modify education, science and technology or that those who receive the food card do not receive the resources they need,” he assured the president.

At the same time, he referred to the launch of programs “Science Equip” And “building science” makes it possible to achieve a “better future” and allows “development of aspects of the economy and the promotion of knowledge”. Along the same lines, he highlighted the role of the state in financing technological development.

Argentina needs to develop, we cannot continue to live in an Argentina that has a center and two oceans. Fernandez emphasized that if we do not make Argentina unequal and unfair in which we live, he explained: “The state provides 8 million for the construction of buildings and 5000 million for the purchase of tools, and that they be distributed first. Think about the periphery of the country. And in spreading those resources and removing them from the center to better distribute them. Because all over the country there are men and women who can contribute to science.”

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Finally, the head of state said that he had a conversation with his Canadian counterpart on the topic of atomic energy. “I spoke yesterday with (Justin) Trudeau and explained to him that we have the same way of generating atomic energy and that we can see how we can join forces to work together and develop better,” he revealed, speaking with the Prime Minister. Canada.


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