Indio Fagiani launched a campaign to help ex-players in need

Football gives many things, it breeds idols, people who are known and respected by fans of this sport. But when the race ends another story begins, a story of survival, living and finding a way to live with another mission, another job. Because not everyone becomes a millionaire, only some can be said to be privileged. Others get into situations so complicated that they don’t even have enough to eat and need help From former colleagues. Examples abound. Faced with this situation and knowing about the adventures of many ex-football players without distinction in T-shirts, Daniel Fajiani Launch a social media campaign for help.

El Indio said it is a beta test to see if there is support from people and as a start it is associated with it Newell‘s, But the idea is to do it to give a helping hand to whoever needs it, no matter what color the jacket is. Indio said in an interview with Capital.

“We will try to see if people will be interested in moving forward with this initiative and collaborating with these former players who were not having a good time,” The former defender abounded, who made it clear that he had nothing to do with politics, a read some might be able to make. “I want to make it clear that it’s not for this purpose,” he insisted.

Fajiani silently cooperates with ex-footballers in poor economic conditions, which is why he launched this solidarity campaign to help many in the same situation. That’s why he asked those who can help with non-perishable food to reach out through his Instagram account (@danielfagiani_ok) to collect and collect donations.

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Among the cooperation options, he also mentioned the possibility that Newell’s will play at the Colossus on the day he plays “whoever can take donations to the club division”.

The idea was launched and now it remains to wait for a positive response to it. The fact indicates that in a time of economic crises in various sectors, those who were (or connected) with football are not excluded, and there are many ex-footballers who know how to shine, are admired and do not have a good time. Some get help from a guild or friends and ex-teammates, but it’s just a patch. With this idea by Fagiani, the situation they are in will not be resolved, but it will be useful to live day by day.

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