Washing off luxury: When ’empty’ measures are created, instead of improving well-being, they are a corporate facelift – ORH

at the ORH webinar”Wellness wash: How to participate in the well-being of your team without lowercase”, in collaboration with Ifeel, we talked about the “empty” measures currently prevalent in companies and those that have a real impact on the mental well-being of teams.

To tackle this complex issue, we had Angélica Barrero, Ifeel Corporate Clinical Department Leader, Teresa Rocandio, Ifeel Corporate Clinical Psychologist, and Florencia Savignano, Ifeel Corporate Clinical Psychologist.

Angelica Barrero defined the concept Wellness wash, which is often unknown by HR managers. As he put it, it happens whenCompanies are publicly committed to supporting employee health and mental health without supporting it with tangible benefits for their employees“.

I also talked about another related concept, which is Green wash. In this case, “Refers to when a company exaggerates, lies, or misleads customers about how green their services or products are“.

Why do you evolve? Wellness wash?

Teresa RocandioAnd Corporate Clinical Psychology at Ifeel, identifies its origin in the epidemicwhat is whenThe need to talk about mental health is increasing. And companies don’t want to be left behind. Thus, it is a movement in line with social reality“.

Teresa cited McKinsey’s study stating that “Employers rate the mental health and well-being of their employees 22% more positively than the employees themselves. They believe or want to believe that their workforce is satisfied“.

The notion in many companies is that “- I don’t see much need to promote well-being, but I don’t want to be left behind. This leads to ambiguous strategies. There is more to see as 7 out of 10 companies celebrate World Mental Health Day. But it will be necessary to know how many are actually taking measures to improve the welfare of their staff because most of them remain at a superficial level.

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7 sins Wellness wash:

What can we do to avoid falling into it?

Florencia Savignano, Clinical Psychologist at Ifeel, asked the companies: Do you do plastic or stretch shifts? Being elastic, its natural state changes when we stretch it, but it snaps back into place when we stop stretching it. On the contrary, when the change is plastic, we give it shape and when we release it, the shape always remains.“.

  1. honesty: Be true to the position we have in the organization – listen to the employees
  2. Action Plan: Allows to monitor whether the actions being performed are really effective – ground expectations
  • Develop policies and guidelines
  • secure training
  • Providing support services
  • Create an organizational culture
  • obtain and use it comment employees

3. Communication: How to communicate the business plan and promote its value. You have to be transparent. And be patient, because all significant changes take time.

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