Video: NASA’s Innovation Helicopter sets new records on its fifth flight on Mars


May 8, 2021 06:31 GMT

On Friday, the drone took off from the Wright Brothers Field and flew 129 meters south, where it landed successfully.

Autonomous helicopter cleverness NASA made its fifth flight on the surface of Mars on Friday, Your first trip abroad, From the Wright Brothers Field – where it took off and landed on all previous flights – to another point 129 meters to the south.

On reaching the destination, the drone climbed to a record height 10 meters And take some high-resolution color photos of his new “neighborhood” before reaching land, Hinge And the US space agency indicated in a statement that the flight took 108 seconds.

“The fifth helicopter flight from Mars is Another great achievement To the agency, “Bob Pearce, Co-Director of NASA’s Flight Research Task Force, stressed.” The success of continuous innovation demonstrates the value of combining the power of diverse skill sets from across the agency to create the future, such as flying a plane on another planet!

During her previous flight, which took place on April 30th, she mastered Ascended 5 meters high and flew 266 meters for 117 seconds.

After successfully landing, a helicopter Waiting for future instructions, Which will be transmitted by mission controllers through Rover Perseverance, also heading south, towards the area where scientific operations and sample collection will begin.

“The future plan is to unleash creativity in a way that does not slow down the processes of scientific persistence,” explained chief engineer Bob Ballaram, saying that they might do so.Two more flights in the next few weeks“.” We were already able to collect all the flight performance data that we originally came to collect. And now, this new view of operations gives us the opportunity to continue expanding our knowledge of flying machines to other planets. “

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