Elections in Brazil: Simone Tebet Says Decision to Support Lula or Bolsonaro in Runoff ‘Already Made’ | He ranked third with 4.16% of the votes

With our eyes already set on the ballot October 30th in BrazilAnd the Senator and presidential candidate from the Brazilian Democratic Movement Simon Tibet announced that the decision on which candidate to support “has already been made”. Then he said, “I have a position and I will speak at the appropriate time.” Sunday elections A senator from the party of former President Michel Temer and Vice President Dilma Rousseff until the impeachment left him in the presidency.

As a senator since 2015, Tebet has voted to impeach Rousseff and has repeatedly been against indigenous territorial claims, as well as criticizing Bolsonaro’s denial of the pandemic.

Tebethwhich also brings together the support of the financial world and the media, such as the great series O Globo, It came in third place with 4.16 percent, with about 4.9 million votes, determining the second round between Lola da Silva s Jair Bolsonaro. Thus, it removed PT Cerro Gomez (3.05 percent), an important figure in Brazilian politics in recent decades, to fourth place.

“I hope they understand that this is not just a moment in Brazil. It is important that people sleep and look at the results in each case, it is time to make a decision and act.”Tibet warned. “Unfortunately, we have seen that ideological polarization is contaminating the soul of the Brazilian people,” the senator said after an election in which she emerged as a political figure in a dangerously divided Brazil, with the far right bolstered by the election of Bolsonaro.

Tibet and his nomination

The candidacy of Tibet, the daughter of the famous Senator Ramiz Tabet, was accompanied by a coalition made up of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party.to former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, which he co-founded Gerardo Alckmin, Lula’s running mate for vice president.

He was born in Tres Lagoas, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, The senator gained momentum, especially in the presidential debates. In front of television cameras, Tebet confirmed himself as a substitute between Bolsonaro and Lula, who will meet in a close second round on October 30. With nothing to lose, she was more aggressive with both candidates and even appeared her status as a feminist to respond to Bolsonaro’s misogynistic attacks, despite speaking out against the right to abortion.

Being a feminist means winning like a man. My feminism is very different from your concept of feminism. Sorry for your selective view. I defend life. Feminism in Brazil cannot be understood as a left-wing agenda, but as a Christian one‘, reassured Tibet when responding to criticisms made by Reverend Célmon Luis da Silva, also a presidential candidate, in the last presidential debate hours before the first round.

Tibet, the daughter of famous and now deceased senator Ramiz Tibet, began tracing her career to the presidency during the open commission of inquiry against Bolsonaro in Parliament for his management of the pandemic, which has left nearly 700,000 people dead in the country. During the campaign, the senator emphasized the fact that she is a woman and an experienced parliamentarian and focused her proposals on education and the fight against hunger, which has increased dramatically in recent years in Brazil during the Bolsonaro government.

Despite being the owner of large plantations, Tibet advocated a “sustainable” agricultural project in the campaign, compatible with the environment, and was in favor of “no deforestation”. Tebet, which also collects support from the world of finance and media, such as the great series O Globo,

Founded in 1980, when the country was still under the rule of a military dictatorship (1964-1985), MDB is one of the historical parties of the center-right and has always been a kind of believer in the Brazilian political balance. However, since 1989, when the first direct elections were held after the dictatorship, he has ruled only twice and in both cases as a result of very serious crises.

In 1992, he did so with Itamar Franco, who, as vice president, replaced President Fernando Collor de Mello after his resignation amid corruption scandals. And history repeated itself in 2016, when to this day Michel Temer, one of the party’s greatest mentors as well as its vice president, took office after the dismissal of socialist Dilma Rousseff, after a political trial promoted by the ADB itself.

Temer was a prominent figure at the convention that announced Tibet’s candidacy and, as party leader, encouraged her to “defend national pacification” and “end all hostilities,” which is “what society wants.” “Brazilian”.

Gomez’s fall

The rise of Tibet also led to the decline of Gomez, Lula’s main rival in the progressive camp and with whom part of the electorate contested. The candidate of the Democratic Action Party (PDT), a historic center-left reference, had aspired for the fourth time to the presidency of Brazil, but his new bid was unsuccessful. Gomez, who was Lula’s minister and does not hide his hatred with the leader of the Labor Party, lost a large part of his political capital in this election, after receiving only 3.5 million votes, compared to 13.3 million he received in 2018, when it ended. In third place.

During the election race, the Labor member claimed that he was the victim of an “immoral” campaign against him to favor the former trade unionist, with whom he cut all ties on the eve of the 2018 campaign, when he was a former trade unionist. Imprisoned for corruption. Gomez tried to replace Lula as the Labor candidate, had no support and fired himself, in a campaign in which he was, as now, as tough with the left as with the far right, which ended up bringing Bolsonaro to power. After Sunday’s vote, Gomez came to propose the end of his political career with a rocky phrase: “Maybe it’s time to take care of my life.”

Because of the ideological affinity, it is believed that Gomez voters will have a preference for a candidate like Lula in the second round. While part of the Tibet electoral base favors Bolsonaro. However, given what happened in other elections in the region, it is impossible to accurately predict voter behavior.

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