Valheim has accumulated over 2 million sales in under two weeks: Sandbox sets the trend

Vikings The Iron Gate finds the key to success and celebrates record numbers.

It is very likely that you are now well-versed Valhaim: A new video game signed by Iron gate AB That there is nothing special about the table – survival, crafting, open world, early arrival; A true classic – but he managed to win Affection and acceptance From players for their abilities, technical style, improvement, and Twitch support. What does all this translate to? In sales of course.

If you registered your game First million units sold In just one week, starting February 15 (that’s 13 days after its early launch) its managers are celebrating Two million sales On their social networks. Needless to say, all this success goes hand in hand with the stratospheric activity figures: Our comrade Martin Amishazura told us a few hours before these lines were published how Valheim has sneaked into the most populous game on Steam.

We defeated A. Record 700 years, the largest Viking community in human history; For reference, the previous peak of Vikings numbers occurred in 1300 AD and nearly half a million “Iron Gate” was celebrated in a statement shared via Steam. Obviously not the most fair comparison, but of course it is also a Funny tale Fun.

We’ll have details on Valheim’s future soon. “The entire Iron Gate team appreciates all the love, messages, questions and impressions from each of you, so please keep sending them out,” continues the message. “We are excited to continue working with all of you on reaching Asgard together, and we will be sharing more on this topic What awaits us in the future“.

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As you can see, there is no clues about the content and future improvements to the game, but given how well Valheim is performing, it wouldn’t be surprising if Early Access received such a reception. In 3D games We have already tested ValheimWe testify that our colleague Alberto Pasteur was enjoying his multiplayer games.

More about: Valhaim s Coffee Stain Studios.

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