Rafael Nadal insists Djokovic: “If you’re really injured, it’s impossible to win a tournament like this.”

Everyone doubts Novak Djokovic. Surprisingly, he’s recovering in record time from harassment that cast doubt on his stay at the Australian Open.

The Serbian tennis player made a miraculous recovery against the American Taylor Fritz. For an hour and a quarter, from 1-2 in the third set to the start of the fifth set, he seemed on the verge of retreating. He left the court to be treated in the locker room after a nasty slip on his foot. Then the physiotherapist appeared several times, massaging the abdominal area on the right side, giving Serbian fluids and medications, with pain gestures. The Serb ended up winning and after the victory he asked about his stay in Australia: “I definitely think I’m suffering from a torn muscle. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get off the field, if I’m going to fix it. In two days.”

Well, he fixed it. Novak recovered within two days and defeated the Canadian in the quarter-finals Raonic In four in the fourth sleeves: 7-6, 4-6, 6-1 and 6-4.

Rafa NadalAfter overcoming some back pain, he speaks clearly of the talk that is making headlines in Australia these days: Djokovic’s alleged injury and his miraculous recovery:

It all depends on the injury. If you have an elongation in the abdomen for example (Beretini was low in the second round due to that injury, and Djokovic, with the same symptoms, decides to play) you can make mistakes because it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on during a competition. She started at the 2009 US Open with a six-millimeter stretch in her abdominal muscles. She lost in the semi-final against Del Potro and the extension went to 26mm. It was definitely not a smart decision. But with a little relief after that it wasn’t a disaster

His uncle Tony Nadal went even further in his column Country: “It is surprising that he is repeatedly harassed to the point of raising doubts about his remaining in the championship, and then disappears overnight.”

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Rafa, who is more cunning than his uncle, is clear that with the kind of annoyance Djokovic presented, it was impossible to win a Grand Slam tournament: “If you have a real physical problem, you won’t win. If you are really injured, it is impossible to win a tournament like thisA complete farce that perfectly reflects the general distrust Djokovic wrought in his theater.

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