UV students will present the “B-Pallet” sustainable housing project in Canada

They were selected among 30 finalists from 100 universities in the world

students College of Construction and Habitat Engineering (FICH) of the University of Veracruzana (UV) Veracruz region will introduce sustainable housing project “B-Pallet” employment Montreal Canada In the event that takes effect from Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October this year in the mentioned city in the north of the American continent.

After being selected from among 30 key projects, students of these colleges, as well as academic coaches, will present the features of this innovative project aimed at benefiting the most needy social groups in society, such as: the disabled, single mothers, and/or the elderly.

In this regard, Laura Encarnación Rivera, an intern in the architecture profession of the highest house of studies in Veracruz, explained that it is a project originating in the said faculty promoted by the academic body Housing and Sustainable Technology of the School of Construction and Habitat Engineering (FICH) of ultraviolet radiation, which seeks to use waste materials to build these houses, such as platforms (recycled wood pallets), Styrofoam panels from the Puerto Garrocho port area donated by ICAVE and APIVER, with a minimum amount of concrete to avoid contamination.

Subsequently, this project was registered in the International Social Business Creation Competition (SBC) 2021 of the University of Montreal, Canada, in which B-Pallet made it to the final to compete with other proposals from various universities around the world, which is a remarkable achievement for interested students.

“It means a lot. We are very excited to be able to represent our university because it is not a project that was created now, but it is already many years ago and not only ours now, but We are saving something that was already there from our academic body. So, being able to see a project we’ve been investing in for a long time has come true; It’s so much fun and let’s hope everything goes well And that we can achieve a good result in the competition,” he said.

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They strive to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda

The team consists of five people who have been trained for a year, in addition to about 10 students in the construction service; Among the participants: Luz del Carmen Campos Cano, Ulysses Lagunes Solis, Pilar Carrillo Fernandez, Valeria Enriquez Aguirre is the captain of the team.

Por el momento se enfocarán a nivel regional en una primera fase, para que posteriormente, este esquema se replique en otros lugares del país, e incluso, actualmente desarrollan un proyecto con la Unión Regional Ganadera del estado y desó se present muximos alcipó a pr How do: Jamapa, Cotaxtla, Manlio Fabio Altamirano, Among other things, where some houses are intended to be built.

The philosophy of this competition is to promote the development of economically viable social enterprises; This means that it is placed on the same level of importance, Both social impact and business visionThis is to contribute to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda.”

Laura Encarnacion highlighted that these materials will positively impact the environment, since traditional construction It emits large amounts of carbon dioxide, which reduces logging, among other aspects.

Be Palette was among the 30 finalists

Coach Jesús Martín Santamaría López revealed that the initiator of this project was Dr. Myriam Remes-Perez, and for several years since its inception, the effort has not stopped, so much so that among the 100 universities, they were able to enter among the 30 finalists to compete in the competition; Likewise, he noted, the College of Building and Habitat Engineering has already been competing for three years and each time they go to the third round and have done better each time.

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The instructor also explained that the pallet is usually used as a loading base in boats, but once unloaded it must be done Smoking it and getting rid of it through incineration processes, where the benefit to the environment is achieved when these processes are disposed of, because they are also very expensive and make use of the materials in a sustainable way; The same goes for styrofoam.

Imagine the amount of carbon dioxide and chemical waste that could be removed. One of the insights of UV rays is the ability to influence the integrated formation of the student; This is something we are promoting: Involve and engage the student He shall be responsible for presenting the projects.

They highlight the social approach to UV rays

For her part, Dr. Myriam Reims highlighted the social approach of the University of Veracruzana, which in recent years has focused on supporting, contributing and influencing the implementation of community benefit projects, evidence of which is that it is committed to verifying, through temperature and resistance tests, that these materials are suitable to achieve the goals of sustainability.

“Because we firmly believe that this is a possibility, it is a solution that is not just an event, so we are working very hard on it. The projects that the boys are implementing are using environmental technologies and sustainable strategies also impacting the environment as they range from catching rain, routing properly and introducing a dry restroom and eco-fireplace.

The academic said that what our projects seek is to bring together all aspects through which the most vulnerable people can be supported, including a vegetable garden, a family farm, and a small barn.

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Finally, he thanked the Regional Federation of Livestock in the state and stressed that there is interest from the upcoming councils for those who presented this project and suggested transferring it to Social Development Secretariat (SEDESOL) So that their municipalities get the resources to start building these prototypes, tied to environmental and social standards.

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