The terrifying knockout suffered by an Argentine boxer in the United States: It frightened everyone!

In a six-round fight in the welterweight division, What’s up? (7-17-2/4 KO) suffered a severe knockout in the first round against Williams (6-0/5 KO). Just one minute and ten seconds after the start, the American landed two successive left shots that sent the Argentine to the canvas.

The blow caused the Argentine boxer to hit the back of his head on the ground and not move. Refree, Michael DeJesus, seek medical help immediately. Four people came to his aid, and even used oxygen to help him.

Jonathan Sosa.jpeg

Jonathan Ariel Sosa suffered a tough first round loss to Terrence Williams.

Fortunately, the news is true Jonathan Sosa They are fans. Although he was taken to hospital, he was reported to be in good condition.

“Luckily he got out of the ring, but it was an amazing knockout,” they stated on the event broadcast.

Terrence Williams’ message on social networks

Terrence WilliamsFor his part, he referred to the state What’s up? On his Instagram account. “My competitor is fine and responding“, he shared. Additionally, he thanked God and Jesus Christ for keeping them safe during the fight.


Terrence Williams' message on social networks after the knockout of Jonathan Ariel Sosa.

Terrence Williams’ message on social networks after the knockout of Jonathan Ariel Sosa.

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