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A UK startup creates an easy-to-use jetpack designed for all types of users.

Surely you have seen a video of a jet plane flying over the skies of different cities, it is one of those really amazing devices but it seems to have a lot of risk to the health of the pilot, who must be a professional.

But now a team of engineers from the UK wants to make jetpacks available to anyone and that’s why they’ve made a new one And it’s safe enough that anyone can wear a seat belt and take a ride right away.

This is a jetpack of startup called Maverick AviationIt is designed to help engineers get to hard-to-reach places in construction and maintenance tasks faster and safer, but can also be used for other tasks including rescue, defense, security and entertainment.

It is an interview given to Interesting geometryExplain that the new Jetpack uses an autopilot system to allow users to navigate with safe precision.

For example, if the fuel is low, the machine will automatically land safely and smoothly.

While they claim their jetpack is easy to carry and fly, The course will be a must for those who want to use it regularly.

Anyone can float and fly just by wearing their backpack. However, there will be training to ensure that the operator can safely use all of the different flight modes and knows how to control the computer to handle an emergency situation.‘, he’s referring to Anthony Quinn CEO of Maverick Aviation.

This machine uses four jet engines to fly, Its speed can reach 48 km/hBest of all, it can be customized to better suit the different applications it will be used for.

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Although it is a backpack designed more for the professional field and not for entertainment, perhaps in the future we can use jetpacks to get to work or university early, but it seems like it is very far in time.

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