US companies in Argentina have asked the government to review its decision not to comply with the court ruling

The American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo expressed its “concern over the decision by the National Executive not to comply with the ruling of the nation’s Supreme Court.”

the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham) She rejected by stating the executive’s decision not to abide by the Supreme Court of Justice’s ruling on federal tax participation, and noted that this position would mean “an institutional collapse of the republican system, and endanger the legal order raised by our national constitution.”

In its letter, the American Chamber of Commerce expressed its “concern about the decision notified by the National Executive to not comply with the ruling of the nation’s Supreme Court.”

“Saying that the ruling is ‘impossible to comply with’, the adequacy of funds allocated to the Buenos Aires City Government, and asking for its abolition, not only lack practical and legal support, but also imply a violation of the division of powers of our republican system. This is the essential feature of every democratic country, and institutional stability , which is essential to powering much-needed development.”

Along these lines and with regard to the legal controversy raised by the recent ruling of the highest court, under CABA’s participation, he held that “in the Argentine Republic Each force must operate within its powersAnd it does not result in oppression between them.”

According to the entity, “the national administration’s ignorance of the ruling (the Supreme Court’s decisions cannot be appealed) not only opens the way to a state of political and legal uncertainty with wide institutional repercussions, but also raises a question once again.” Politics with society and its problems.

Therefore, the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo considered “It is necessary for the national executive to review its decisionwithin the legal scope enshrined in our national constitution, and focuses on issues that are central to the needs of Argentines and that contribute to the development of the country.

The main challenge we face today must be to enhance that institutional quality and to respect the principle of division of powers. Only through this path will we be able to promote a sustainable economic recovery, significantly improve social indicators, boost private investment and create good job opportunities.”

Through statements in the same line, various business entities have shown to indicate the institutional seriousness of the decision that the Executive Branch will not abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling on cutting funds from the City of Buenos Aires joint venture.

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Once you know the news, all day, the opinions of the Argentine Business Association (AEA), the Convergence Forum, the Business Development Institute (IDEA), the Argentine Industrial Confederation (UIA), the Argentina Chamber of Comercio y Servicios (CAC), the Christian Association of Business Leaders (ACDE) and the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (CARBAB), among other entities that warned of the dangerous institutional influence of the position adopted by President Alberto Fernandez.

A comment from businessman Marcos Galperin, founder of Mercado Libre, also had an impact, expressing his opinion on the presidential decision not to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that sided with the city of Buenos Aires in the social network Twitter. Shared cut off. “Democracy for Cheetos”he wrote on his social networking account, referring to the action, which became known on Thursday.

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