Uruguay promised Paraguay to build a port to provide access to the sea

The governments of Paraguay and Uruguay have agreed to build a port in the province of Soriano in Uruguay, which will allow Paraguayans to access the sea, the Paraguayan press reported Sunday.

And it was Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Poe, who confirmed that access to the sea for Paraguay is a desire that he began working on since he was a member of the Senate, who announced the project.

“We have insisted for many years that Paraguay should have access to the sea in Uruguay, which is a stable country and has a good coast and depth; since 2016, when I had to become a senator, I will go to Paraguay to try to influence this direction.”This was confirmed on Saturday, according to what was reported by the Paraguayan newspaper “Ultima Hora”.

“Maybe it will become a reality soon.”he added.

The work will involve an investment of $300 million and will be implemented in two phases.

Lacalle Beau said he has been working on the project since he was a senator

Paraguay’s ambassador to Uruguay, Juan Manuel Brunetti, made it clear that this intention promoted by Lacalle Po could guarantee the supremacy of Paraguay’s foreign trade.

“This integration that we have to do and that President Lacalle Pou encourages, so that Paraguay has a port on Uruguay’s territory, which can guarantee the supremacy of our foreign trade”.gold.

Paraguay is an important country in Uruguay’s foreign trade, with exports worth $144 million, according to the latest report from the official website of the Uruguayan government XXI.

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