Impressive, he showed how much he pays for services in Miami and was surprised

A Spanish influencer living in the United States revealed how much she pays for water and electricity at his home in Miami He raised the astonishment of his followers, who considered that the rates were low compared to their counterparts in their countries of origin. The woman described the devices she uses, as well as the devices that consume the most water. Then list the monthly costs.

Nuri Calvo She is a popular influencer who has been dedicated for several years to creating content for her followers all over the world. He started gaining importance on social networks thanks to viral challenges that he did with his partner. Last year she moved from Spain to the United States, a decision that changed her content, Since he started posting videos It shows how you adapt to a country with a context very different from yours.

The cost of living on American soil has always aroused the curiosity of Calvo’s followers, who on multiple occasions have revealed some aspects related to this subject. In one of his most recent videos, The woman revealed how much she paid for her bills.

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A Spanish influencer showed how much you pay for electricity and running water in Miami

A tiktoker appears in front of her front door at the beginning of the recording. “I’ll tell you what we pay for electricity and water United States of America We don’t have gas or heat bills,” he says as he enters the house. “Here the air conditioning has to run 24 hours a day, and we can’t turn it off because the walls fill with moisture,” he explains. Then he starts listing his other appliances that also work. Electro: “We have a dishwasher, two Refrigerators Large, stove, air fryer, washer and dryer.

Once the house tour is over, he sits in front of a computer and the camera pans across the screen. Your most recent electricity bill appears there. I paid $138.35. They left here and told me if it was too expensive or cheap for you,” he says. In the next shot, the woman is seen in front of the kitchen sink and here she details how much you will pay for the water.

“The food mill also runs on water and that spends a lot. We have automatic irrigation, a washing machine. We shower like everyone else, or even more often, because you sweat a lot here,” he says. Finally it reveals the account number: “This month I paid $121, what do you think?”he asks his followers, and the video concludes.

Calvo’s video sparked multiple reactions. but, Most people found the prices cheaper than those set in their home countries. Others gave him some tips to reduce his monthly expenses. “Having 24-hour air conditioning, many refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, seems cheap to me”; “If I turn on the air all day in Spain, they put me in jail for not being able to pay for the light”; “Water is expensive, but light is very cheap”; “The fact is that it is economic”; “The electricity will go down a lot if they change the mini fridge for a new one that consumes a lot of energy”they wrote.

The Spanish influencer told her networks that she uses an electric stove in her new life in MiamiTikTok / @nurycalvosn


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