Uruguay: arrested a man who robbed him, tied him to his car and dragged him through the streets of a settlement in Montevideo

A 44-year-old man starred in a video that went viral in the last few hours via WhatsApp: it can be seen Handcuffed and tied to a car He drags it at full speed down the street, under the watchful eye of two dogs watching the scene from a front yard.

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A criminal was tied to the car and injured

As El País was able to learn through sources from the Ministry of the Interior, at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday, several calls were entered to the 911 emergency service reporting that the event had occurred in the area. Settlement June 24th.

While touring the detailed area, police officers found in a field between streets Ángel Zanelli and Juan Jose Severino A man with multiple wounds, bound hand and foot and tied to a car.

The young man who was driving the car, who had no criminal record, told the police about it The bound man stole his belongings and decided to take revenge.

The alleged thief with a criminal record of theft and receipt was taken to the Mechelen dispensary and thereafter To the De Clinicas Hospital with severe shock. Meanwhile, the young driver was arrested and brought to the prosecutor’s office.

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