Caetana Guillén Cuervo, a close friend of Rodolfo Sancho, speaks of her son’s crime: “It’s very horrific”

A week has passed since then Daniel Sancho’s entry into prisonhe He confessed to killing Edwin Larita. Since then, Thai history has progressed in the most terrifying way, as has the Colombian surgeon Cut into fourteen parts And there it was with premeditation to kill him, Which made the Spanish media sound the alarm.

In the face of this media wave, it was his dadfamous actor Rodolfo Sanchez He wanted to stay out of it. A refugee in his home in Fuerteventura, he maintained that he was “firm and calm” and appreciated the cordiality of the journalists.

The situation has led to the fact that the due question on occasions when celebrities meet is about this situation. Characters like Lolita are evasive when talking about the subject but the actress Cayetana Guillen Cuervofrom I worked with Rodolfo in seriesMinistry of time‘, has been reached answer the questions Which they did to him in a photocall from the “Starlight” festival in Marbella.

The actress was honest when asked about the horrific incident: “I really don’t know what to tell you. It’s very dangerous, very exciting, and very terrifying I don’t know what to tell you “, This coincided with the brutality of the case. At the same time, he stressed the friendship that he had with Daniel Sancho’s father:” Rodolfo is someone very close As for me, I love him so much, I love your family very much. imagine, He is a very close person“.

Despite their good relationship actress You didn’t call himbecause he understands that he is going through a very difficult moment: “It is It’s all so terrible I don’t know why I dared to invade or anything. very It is easy to talk about others and other people’s misfortunesbut I have no idea and dare not say anythingCayetana was sentenced.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s parents hire the law firm Balfagón-Chippirrás and appoint a spokesperson for the firm to speak to the media. In the latest development, his attorney, Carmen Pafalgón, shared the following: You said he couldn’t do it alone And I said it from the first minute. So I want to see his words and actions.” It raises the theory that the killing was caused by more people.

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