Martin Titaz presented a project to reduce working hours: what he proposes

The UCR deputy highlighted the success stories of this method in Europe and stressed that the goal of this measure is to find “alternative days that are better for everyone.”

Photo: Ignacio Bitonci.

Deputy of the Radical Civil Union Martin Titaz Filed this Thursday at Congress The bill that seeks Reducing working hours. He stressed that this reform would be “better for everyone,” and highlighted some European examples that have successfully implemented this method.

Although this proposal began to be discussed informally last year, the proposal was not successful. Martin TitazHowever, he brought the issue back to the table and stressed that there are countries that have implemented shorter working days and achieved positive results, e.g United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

On the Latin American side, the first examples in this regard are also beginning to appear, e.g Chili pepper, The second country in the region to reduce the working day ecuador, Which has already implemented this method based on the law passed in the 1980s.

The Chilean case will be implemented in a phased manner: it will be applied only in the private sphere and will include more and more companies over the first five years. This means that for each passing year, one hour will be cut from the working day, with the goal of reaching 40 hours per week by 2028.

Martin Titaz advocated shortening the working week

“I enjoyed the first reaction of many people close to the government who said 'Here we have to work much more! How would they suggest that?Tataz pointed out against critics of his proposal.

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However, he explained: “In fact, what we are proposing is already being explored in many countries around the world and is an attempt Find alternative working days that are better for everyone“.

So far, the bill has received signatures of support from representatives UCR, Hacemos, Civic Coalition and PRO.

In this sense, the National Representative considered it so Work “every day, forty-eight hours a week”It's not the best option. “He can do it There is another way to organize working hours that is more beneficial to the company and the employee.“, he pointed out.

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