Russia and Ukraine will resume talks in Germany in two weeks

Russia and Ukraine will resume talks in Germany in two weeks

Talks between Russia and Ukraine in Paris, amid rising tension on the border, ‘wasn’t easy’ and She will continue with a new tour in two weeks in Berlin, This was announced Wednesday by the Kremlin envoy Dmitry Kozak.

“We need an extra break. We hope that this process will yield results within a couple of weeks.” Kozak added at a news conference, after meeting for eight hours with diplomatic advisors from Ukraine, France and Germany.

Next meeting is scheduled The second week of February in Berlin ”, A German government source confirmed.

In a joint statement, the so-called Normandy Quartet, created in 2014 to search for a way out of the crisis in Ukraine, He reiterated his support for the Minsk Peace Accords as “a basis for action”. He promised to try to “soften” the differences.

Tensions remain on the border between Russia and Ukraine
Tensions remain on the border between Russia and Ukraine

Despite all the differences in interpretation, The participants agreed that “all parties must abide by the ceasefire.” “According to the agreements,” the Russian envoy to eastern Ukraine added.

However, Kozak specified that the situation in eastern Ukraine – where pro-Russian separatists declared themselves republics in 2014 – and tension along the Russia-Ukraine border are “two different issues”.

meeting in Paris He was seeking to de-escalate tensions after a series of talks between Russia and the United States. Washington accuses Moscow of preparing an imminent attack after it deployed thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine.

The French presidency considered it The outcome of the meeting represented a ‘good gesture’Obtained “under difficult conditions”.

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The next meeting in Berlin will also be at the level of diplomatic advisors, because the leaders’ summit, according to Kozak, “is not on the agenda.” “We hope that our interlocutors understand our arguments and we will achieve results within two weeks,” he added.

The four from Normandy will meet again in Berlin in two weeks
The four from Normandy will meet again in Berlin in two weeks

“We want to maintain this dialogue,” said Ukrainian negotiator Andriy Yermak, stressing that this Wednesday’s announcement “is the first important document” that the two sides have been able to agree on “since December 2019”.

Since the 2015 Minsk agreements, the front lines have stabilized and the fighting has subsided. But a political solution to the conflict, which left more than 13,000 dead, has stalled.

Despite talks aimed at easing tensions in the region, the United States and some allies are studying the possibility of troop deployments More troops in Eastern European countries To support Ukraine against Russia, reportedly CNN Based on three sources in Washington.

will be publishing 1000 soldiers in each countrysimilar to the battle groups currently stationed in the Baltic states and Poland.

(With information from AFP)

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