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Moving abroad should be a considered decision. Consider employment opportunities, cost of living, and quality of life education If you have children, these are some items that can help you choose the perfect destination. And so one family concluded Canada It offers more benefits than… United State.

The family lived in St. Louis, Missouri, but had the opportunity to move to Calgary Canada They immediately realized that there were important differences and that their son would simply be happier in the land of maple leaves.

In Canada, it’s much more fun to be a kid than it is in the United States

Jeff Manuel published an article in Interested in trade In which he indicates that when he moved to Canada, One of the first differences he noticed was that his 7-year-old son could play on this game snow In the school.

Jeff got a temporary job at a university where he moved with his family Canada He enrolled his son in the public primary school near his new home. Behind the school there was a large covered field snow It marked all the steps of primary school children who played and made targets for throwing snowballs.

Aside from the fun the kids had, he found the difference between… United State And Canada It is that in the northern country snow It was part of the curriculum. One time, the teacher decided to forget the scheduled lesson and let the students students They built igloos for a science project and then, for a geography lesson, showed them how men adapted to the Arctic climate north of Canada.

in United States of America the Schools They value much less snow And when he showed up, it usually meant that students They will have to spend their holiday indoors with board games, and if they go out they are asked not to touch them snow.

Another difference regarding education Of his son is that in United State Parents spend a lot of time reviewing information school. Jeff shared that he and his partner felt like they were part of a communications company because they were trying to manage all the information related to school and activities, which made them feel stressed, but in Canada The situation is more relaxed.

When they started to worry that education was in Canada Were of lower quality, it was found that according to the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment, Canadian students They had higher average scores in reading, math, and science than Americans.

Jeff’s conclusion is that while he was in… United State the Schools They have become culture wars and laboratories for data-driven educational policies Canada They are more interested in the pleasure of minors and think that maybe both countries can learn from each other.

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