United States: The city of El Paso has reached a “breaking point” due to a wave of migrants

The mayor of this city is located in TexasHe pointed out that they currently receive an average of 2,000 migrants per day and are no longer able to help people seeking entry. United State Across borders.

Oscar Lesser, Mayor El Paso, TexasHe stressed in a press conference that the increasing influx of migrants seeking asylum there United State It has brought this border city to a “breaking point” that has outgrown the capacity of local shelters.

The city’s mayor indicated that the city currently receives an average of 2,000 migrants daily, most of whom are from Venezuela. Additionally, he explained that CBP government agencies are holding approximately 6,500 migrants inside their facilities, and that there are currently another 2,000 people on the Mexican side waiting to cross the border checkpoint.

The situation prompted the local authorities to open a new shelter in the northeast of the city, in addition to renting five buses that left since the weekend to New York, Chicago and Denver (Colorado).

According to Laser, only 1% of immigrants who arrive in El Paso do so to stay, and the vast majority of them intend to move to larger cities.

Local officials stressed at the press conference that all migrants who boarded the buses did so voluntarily and to the destination of their choice.

About 66% of those crossing the border are single men, 32% are family units and 2% are unaccompanied minors, said Lesser, of the Democratic Party.

Biden will run for re-election

Joe Bidenpresident United StateHe said he understands the criticism because of his age, but he is running for re-election because he is a former president Donald Trump He sought to “destroy” democracy.

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Biden(80 years old) generally avoids talking about his age, but he addressed the topic during a fundraising campaign at the Broadway Theater in New York, where he stated that his experience helped him face crises such as Ukraine or the global financial crisis. Covid-19.

“I’m running because democracy is at stake, because democracy will be back on the ballot in 2024. And there should be no doubt: Donald Trump He added: “And Trump’s slogan (Make America Great Again, Editor) Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy.”

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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