How much did he save after not paying Andrea Janeiro University?

Jesolin De Ubrique again came into evidence when his refusal to pay for his eldest daughter’s studies came to light. It was Belén herself who broke the promise she made to Andrea, revealing the most negative side of the former right-hander. The most vengeful collaborator returned, ready to expose her daughter’s father and she succeeded.

Much has been said about this topic and little about the reasons behind it. Jesolin You will not bear part of the expenses. Andrea wanted to finish her studies in the United Kingdom and she achieved this thanks to her mother’s efforts. Meanwhile, Maria’s husband José Campanario saved a large sum and it soon came to light.

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Money saved by Ghisouline d’Aubric by refusing to pay for Andrea’s studies

Jesouline d’Aubric It had always been the great absence in his eldest daughter’s life. At least that’s what Belen It has moved public opinion for more than 20 years. His struggle has always been to push Andrea forward despite not having the help of the former bullfighter.

He did this until the young woman finished her training and found work to earn a living. Something Belen is proud of and proud of because she feels the financial effort was worth it.

Close-up of Jessouline D'Aubric with a serious face


Not surprisingly, the studies Andrea completed in the UK were not particularly cheap. Once Belén learned of the young woman’s intention to study at a prestigious British university, she did the math.

The cooperator talked to her, realizing that it was a large expense and that her father would have to pay half of it Jesolin. According to her, she initially accepted, but later decided to back out and refuse to pay. What happened is history: Belén became very angry and once again questioned Ubrik’s role as a father.

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What was not known was the huge amount of money he decided to make. Jesolin Saved. As La Razón reported, the dentist’s husband would have saved more than 20,000 euros a year between tuition fees and various expenses. Considering that the race lasted about four years, just run the numbers.

Jesulín de Ubrique and the reason he refused to pay

Belen reported Jesolin Andrea intends to finish her studies outside Spain. For the collaborator, it was a relief, because along with her coming of age, it was better for her to live a quiet life.

But Maria José’s husband did not understand how she chose a foreign university, when there were good universities in our country. Although Jesus had always been responsible for supporting Andrea, things were different this time.

A montage of close-up photos of Andrea Janeiro and her father, Ghisoline D'Aubric, with a smiling face

| Spain Diary

He consulted with his lawyer, and based on the law, he decided that he was not obligated. According to what was published, the fact that you chose to study abroad when you can do it in Spain exempts you from the obligation to pay.

“Parents are obligated to pay the costs of basic education for their children,” the report states. Save me. They explained: “But everything is considered an increase, because you want to study abroad and the like. The law does not require a specific age.”

But this did not help Baraquillos, who continued to maintain her position and repeat the idea that she was a bad father. Whatever it was, Andrea managed to successfully complete her studies, get honors and get a good job in Los Angeles. Just for that, to the ex Jesolin She is comforted by the wealth it cost her to ensure her daughter’s future.

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