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In a festive atmosphere due to the economic achievements achieved, as well as the number of visitors that exceeded all expectations, the Amazon Expo 2023, the Bicentennial Edition, concluded this afternoon in the city of Tingu María in the Huánuco region. Meanwhile, the baton was handed over to the Madre de Dios region, headquarters of the 12th edition of the exhibition organized by the Regional Commonwealth of the Amazon.

The initial numbers at the conclusion of the event were about 85,000 visitors (about 60,000 visitors expected) and more than 41.8 million soles in the international business conference promoted by Prompero and 100 million soles in tourist traffic such as hotels, restaurants and various services, that is the Amazonica Expo. It was a successsaid Huánuco Regional Governor, Antonio Pulgar Lucas, at the conclusion of the event.

It is a success for which I have to thank not only the people of the entire city of Tingu María, but the entire region, because everyone did their part and we were able to move forward together and, above all, once again focus the eyes of the world on our Amazon region.“he added.

Polgár Lukas also thanked all the regions participating in this exhibition and their judges who They were there from day one, as was the case with Amazonas, Loreto, Ucayali, Madre de Dios and also Junín, Pasco and Cusco, Which also forms the Regional Commonwealth of the Amazon.

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Then confirm this regarding The international business conference promoted by Brompero closed the deals For up to 41.8 million soles

He explained that 66 sources from the regions intervened Cusco, Amazonas, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Junin, Lima, Loreto, Huanuco, Madre de Dios, San Martin and Ucayali.

As for buyers, there were 25 of them Germany, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan.

At the same time, the regional authority reported that 316 appointments had been made to negotiate sales Coffee, cocoa, yacon, ginger, Amazonian salt and cosmetic oils among other products.

According to the National Business Conference sponsored by the Ministry of Production (Production)Governor Bolgar Lukas He noted that sales amounting to 27.9 million soles were achieved as 32 buyers and 148 SMEs participated in 573 appointments.

Tourism Business Roundtable as well Promoted by Promperú, it generated 5.5 million soles in the closing sales in which 16 buying travel agencies from Lima, Ancash, Junín, Cusco and Arequipa participated..

He mentioned that later 24 tourism operators from the regional Commonwealth of Amazonas participated in the conference.

Most requested tourism products They are: adventure, nature, school tourism, culture, experiential tourism, Sufi tourism, food tourism, and community and experiential tourism.

Another number released although it was expected to rise with the complete closure of the Amazon Expo, The exhibition’s sales reached 1.5 million soles during the four days.

During the closing ceremony, Polgár Lukas expressed that the Amazon exhibition was a mixture of culture and tradition.It is the richest thing in Peru that can be shown to the whole world.

“Today, the real and real process of economic revitalization has been carried out thanks to regional governments and the whole world has told us that it is here, in the Amazon region, that the best entrepreneurs are located.”“; he stressed.

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The important thing is that we have stimulated the economy in the city of Tingu María and that is why we must thank everyone for achieving the goals built on joint action.The governor said after the conclusion of the Amazon Fair and the handing over of the baton to the Madre de Dios region, which will be responsible for the next edition of the regional fair.

Another issue that emerged was the presence of ministers Transport, media, health, culture, women and vulnerable populations; Housing, foreign trade, tourism and production.

They were important moments because the regions, through Governors called for attention and solutions to problems such as health, education and communication to Improving the quality of life of the population in general, especially those living in remote areas.

Tengo Maria

Previously, Mayor of Tingu María District, Max Flores, expressed his happiness and appreciation for the united work between the municipality and the regional government to successfully complete Amazon Expo 2023 beyond expectations.

He stressed that with the holding of the Amazonian regional event, great prospects open up for Tingo María, such as holding large-scale events such as Filcafé.

Procession of delegations

Before the closing ceremony he was there A display of folkloric images from each participating region, full of colour, tradition and joy.

Each group of dancers and musicians from different regions expressed their great joy in their best folk traditions and customs.


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Publication date: 09/24/2023

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