Unbelievable: He got four tickets to Qatar for 151 pesos

Influencer Chabo Martinez had a great episode this week when he bought four round-trip tickets to travel to the Qatar 2022 World Cup for just 151 pesos.. It happened due to a bug in the website of a travel agency in which many people were able to get flights at exorbitant prices.

Chapo, remember the video that went viral with the phrase Bring me the Messi Cup. In 2018, he reported that he was talking to his friends and looking for alternatives to traveling to the World Cup. They told me that there was a meaningless offer, a trip to Qatar is worth ten pesos. There is a fact: a published offer, a respected offer. I must not be alone. We take a lot. That’s for everyone, there is a Japanese who got a ticket to Barcelona,” he said.

Next to, He added that after making the purchase, they received all the confirmations: “We received confirmation from the company, through the app, through conversations, as well as from the flight, via the airline, and even the boarding pass. In home banking we have the discount by the company.”

The next day, the company canceled its flights, but the influencer and his friends will now file a lawsuit So that what they bought is respected and published.

“Now, along with several Argentines, through lawyers and the media, we are looking into the possibility of confirming these flights, given that the rule has been posted, a respectable offer,” he explained in a Twitter thread where he detailed step by step of this. Amazing history.

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