Ukraine makes gradual progress in its offensive – DW – 06/25/2023

The British Ministry of Defense, in its daily intelligence report on the course of the Russian invasion in Ukrainereported on Sunday (06.25.2023) that Ukrainian units are making “gradual but solid” tactical advances in “key” areas of the country, and there are reports of counter-attack attempts deployed by the invaders, which have not been completed successfully.

The military report notes that “in recent days, Ukrainian forces have re-formed and once again launched major offensive operations on three main axes in southern and eastern Ukraine.” According to this, Ukraine is “using the experiences of the first two weeks of the counter-offensive to improve tactics to attack Russia’s deep and well-prepared defences.”

“Ukrainian units are achieving gradual but solid tactical progress in key areas,” says the Defense Ministry, which specifies that Russian forces in Ukraine’s Luhansk region made “significant efforts to launch an offensive in the Serebryanka forest, near Krymina” which reflects that the Russian command “ordered Attack whenever possible.

Ukraine blocked the Russian advance

With regard to those local attacks launched by the occupying forces, the intelligence report confirms that “Russia made some small gains, but the Ukrainian forces prevented a major advance.” The British Ministry has been providing these daily reports on the progress of the invasion for the last 16 months.

This communication effort has caused unease to the Moscow regime, which accuses London of spreading false information about the conflict. The British intelligence had indicated in its previous report that the uprising began on Friday night by a group of Wagner mercenaries led by Yevgeny PrigozhinIt was the “biggest challenge” facing the Kremlin in recent times.

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DZC (EFE, dpa)

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