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By: Victor Alous Youssef Tweet embed 7 July 2022 3 minutes

A British police officer has expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of electric vehicles that provide service to the body, which is very demanding.

despite electric cars It continues to gain ground in many areas of society, it seems They are not as useful and effective What is expected of them. The Police forces of many European and American cities are incorporating this type of vehicle into their operational fleets and possibly The expected result from them is not all practical that should be.

The Gloucestershire Police The UK’s Security Service has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in service. 21% of its compounds are of this type. depended on 66 Nissan Leaf It accommodates e-NV200 trucks, so the commitment to modernizing its fleet with electric vehicles is clear. But they are not at all happy with these compounds.

Problems with electric police cars

It was Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelsonwho was disgusted with these vehicles. According to this city police charge, on several occasions Electric cars had to be withdrawn from service because their batteries had run out During that.

This caused the agents to have to Looking for an electric charger urgently or just having to find another car in order to perform its functions. All this causes Delay in providing services Obstacles to compliance Their role in the fight against crime and providing services to citizens.

According to Commissioner Nelson, it is important Possess this type of vehicle to deal with climate change and comply with current regulations. It should be remembered that from 2035 no combustion engine car will be marketed All police cars should be electric too.

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But the technology is not advanced enough to perform this service. Nelson is afraid of it Emergency car battery runs out while providing the service. The use of lights, heating or air conditioning and the communication system causes this Energy consumption is higher than that of a normal carwhich greatly diminishes its independence.

Also keep in mind Police equipment overweight, which also affects battery performance. All this makes This policeman is asking for caution when switching to an electric car. The presence of electric cars in police forces around the world It’s still a testimony and looks like it’s going to stay that way for much longer.

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