The Mexican national team destroyed the Aztecs: chaos, allegations and shouts of “Get out Tata”

This was the atmosphere before the Mexico-USA match (Video: Infobae México)

The Azteca Stadium witnessed a new event Koncacaf Classic And he did faithfully to his habit. The festive atmosphere full of joy with costumes, hats and even mariachi was there to watch Mexican national team you will receive United State in the World Cup qualifiers.

Aztec fans arrived with a desire to see their team break the streak of three consecutive defeats to the powerful opponent, but unfortunately for their intentions, they were left with desire, because the Aztec team Gerardo Martino He couldn’t against the Americans and they signed a ruthless 0-0.

He was the same strategist tricolor who played the starring role in the previous and subsequent match for a large segment of the followers, Who was very demanding of his management and did not get tired of the famous “Tata” shout.especially once a tie against all stars and stripes.

Fans turned against Gerardo “Tata” Martino in Mexico against the United States (Photo: Carlos Alberto Perez/Infobay)

Despite the enthusiasm with which the Mexican fans arrived, in a match that expected a real party at the Azteca Stadium, Mexico’s performance upset morale And the audience was disappointed with the team, because not only four matches were played without a victory over the United States, But the experience in Giant Santa Ursula It was unfortunate for thousands.

The reason was The new protocol of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to enter Azteca Stadium, where the infamous Fan ID created chaos at the gates. entrance Giant Santa Ursula At the ticket office Calzada de Tlalpan It’s over 50 minutes into the much-anticipated Concacaf Clásico match.

Access to the turnstiles of the Azteca stadium ended about 50 minutes after Mexico's Clasico against the United States (Photo: Carlos Alberto Perez/Infobay)
Access to the turnstiles of the Azteca stadium ended about 50 minutes after Mexico’s Clasico against the United States (Photo: Carlos Alberto Perez/Infobay)

when Manuel Megaris The national anthem was sung, the upper part of the stadium looked deserted and the audience who had expected sold out tickets did not appear. the reason? The new Fan ID system and its implementation since then Slowed like never before by the entrance to the property in southern Mexico City.

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Among the failures in the reception system, in reading the famous QR code – which requires prior registration on the Internet – the high demand caused by the match, Audience whistles were present and increased as the game progressed.

By the 30th minute of the match, the fans had resigned, Who paid more than a thousand Mexican pesos to practically lose half of the match.

Mexico vs United States tickets were the most expensive of the year for any national football team match (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero)
Mexico vs United States tickets were the most expensive of the year for any national football team match (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Amidst allegations from fans in the union networks, team downtime, the four games without a US win, and entry problems at the Azteca Stadium, It was emphasized that the Mexican fans do not finish communicating with their team, and this was reflected in the statements.

“Go away Tata”, “Go back to Argentina”, “Where is Chicharito?” , “This team is not playing anything”, “Where are the changes?” , “Back to louse Herrera”, was some data collected by Infobae Mexico After the meeting, in a near-unanimous offer to reject the current level tricolor.

Criticism fell from different latitudes, because of the positions of the giant Santa Ursula A sea of ​​followers came from the United Stateswho took advantage of the game to visit Mexico City and remember their roots. California, Houston, New Jersey, Texas And the Chicago They served as the main starting points for this legion of Mexicans who traveled to the capital to see their team.

"Go to Argentina": Fans surprised Gerardo "My Father" Martino after Mexico against the United States (Photo: Carlos Alberto Perez / Infobae México)
‘Go away to Argentina’: Fans defeat Gerardo El “Tata” Martino after Mexico vs. the United States (Photo: Carlos Alberto Pérez / Infobae México)

The louse Smith He has been one of the great heroes in the thoughts of Mexican fans, emerging as the first name of a potential replacement for My Father Despite being a few days away from signing the World Cup card. By disregard, custom, or because “there is no other”, The name of the Tigress coach has been drawn up by the main candidate by tonight’s followers.

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Other characters like Anthony MohamedAnd the Ricardo Ferretti even Javier Aguirrewho had just signed with Mallorca from Spain, seemed to be looking for a replacement on the bench in Mexico, because the sentiment was unanimous: There is no satisfaction or illusion in this choice.

In a match plotted to begin to reconnect with the Mexican fans, the team did not comply, The access experience was a very critical point and the pass to the World Cup was not finishedall over a new game without a victory over the United States, so it has already been 13 years without defeating the hated opponent at the Azteca Stadium.

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