Germany has banned British aircraft carrying weapons to Ukraine from crossing its airspace

With whom is Germany heading in the Ukraine crisis? The Germans not only refused to send military support to Kiev, but also blocked the air passage of NATO shipments, according to data obtained by online tracking services. Flight Radar 24. So much so that planes Royal Air Force The British had to fly a longer route to avoid crossing German airspace. Germany has also ruled out, for the time being, the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, according to the Defense Minister. Christina LambrechtWhich raises all doubts.

For its part, Germany denies that it prevented the passage of British aircraft. Spokesman Ministry of Defense The German denied that there was a dispute between the UK and Germany over the issue, citing the fact that “there was no British request for the flights”. But the truth is that British planes had to fly a much longer path to avoid German airspace due to Berlin’s opposition to lending the airspace.

Ukraine has appealed to Germany to hand over weapons to deter a Russian attack, increasing pressure on the chancellor. Olaf Schulz, who has so far resisted desperate pleas for Ukrainian military aid. Andrei Melnik, Kiev’s ambassador in Berlin, said that Ukraine wanted German warships to help defend against Russian attacks on its coasts in the Black and Azov seas, and anti-aircraft systems to prevent air attacks, a request that has so far responded to deaf ears.

Scholz, who took the position of Angela Merkel Last month, he repeatedly denied requests to supply arms to Ukraine and gave evasive answers when asked if the gas pipeline Nord Steam 2 From Russia to Germany can be attacked in the event of an attack.

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That prompted academics and foreign policy experts to write an open letter at the weekend denouncing his stance and calling for a tougher stance, causing a rift in his nascent coalition government as ministers pressured him to go further. This has led many to describe the German position as “soft”.

More controversial

In addition, the controversial statements of the German Navy Commander, Kay Achim Schoenbach, who resigned after controversy sparked by statements he rejected Ukraine’s options to join NATO, and stated that Crimea, occupied by Russia, would “never” be Ukrainian again.

Ukraine summoned the German ambassador in Kiev early Saturday, ANKA VELDUSEN, to file a formal protest against Schoenbach’s allegations. “We have emphasized how absolutely unacceptable the statements of the German naval commander are, Kay Achim SchoenbachIn a statement shortly afterwards, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry clarified, in particular, that Crimea will never return to Ukraine and that our country cannot meet the criteria for joining NATO.” Thus Kiev expressed its “huge disappointment” at this incident and the German government’s refusal to hand over weapons defense to Ukraine.

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